Chicago Femcees

When you think about Chicago hip-hop, male artists like Kanye, Common and Chief Keef pop into mind. But the Windy City boasts some vicious femcees that rival any of the boys. Allow us to introduce you to a couple.

Katie Got Bandz and Sasha Go Hard are two of Chi-town’s finest. In a city overrun with male rappers and mentalities as cold as the weather, these ladies bring a feminine swagger to music that the city needs.


Katie Got Bandz

Don’t let the sweet face fool you. Katie’s flows have sharp teeth that are worthy of a listen. Her September released “Bandz and Hittaz” has risen to underground fame and has set the stage for an even more anticipated release of  new EP “Drillary Clinton” in March. Some of our favorites from the drill music queen are “Check a Bag” and “Lady Hitta”. Check out the entire mixtape by clicking here.

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Sasha Go Hard

Recently featured on BET’s music site, Sasha has been labeled as an artist to watch in the future. While she is known for her drill talent, she is quick to emphasize she is more than just one genre. Her new mixtape “Round 3” features club bangers like “Kill Bill” featuring Kreayshawn and “Bringing Heat”. Get the whole mixtape by clicking here.

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