6 Careers For People Who Love Taking Care of Others

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There are places for people who care about others.

If you are a caring person by nature, you might not want a career that sees you in an office, warehouse, store or factory all day. You would probably prefer to be doing something where others benefit from your caring attitude, and there are plenty of careers for you to choose from.

The Medical Profession

The medical profession, for instance, has a very varied array of careers. You could be a registered nurse, complete FNP online programs or train to be a brain surgeon. You have to be prepared to work hard to achieve your goals, but working in the medical profession can be satisfying and rewarding.

Of course, training to be a family nurse practitioner (FNP) will not take as long as training to be a brain surgeon, but both careers involve caring for other people, which is what you are aiming for.


People do not always think of teaching as a caring profession. However, you are taking on the responsibility of the children’s education in your class, and caring for them while they are there. Anyone that does not have a caring nature would find teaching an almost impossible job to do.

Children will bring their problems to you sometimes because they feel you are the only person they can talk to. You will have to help them through subjects they find difficult and praise their successes. Teachers have to put the children first, identify their strengths and weaknesses and generally help them to become good adults.

Social Worker

Social workers are caring people that help to solve other people’s problems or assist them to cope with bad situations throughout their careers. They never know which each day will bring and have to be prepared to deal with any type of upset or disaster. It is often the case that a relationship has gone wrong or the person is facing a serious illness, but whichever it is the social worker will be trained to cope with it.

Clinical social workers are trained to specifically deal with people with mental health issues, ranging from anxiety to severe depression. To be licensed to work as a social worker, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) and in some states, you must have relevant work experience as well.

Fitness Trainers

Fitness trainers are helping people to take better care of themselves through exercise and good nutrition. As well as being good for people physically, it can help them to be more mentally alert as well. They need to know how to show people how to achieve these things with exercises that will not cause them injury, but they also have to be able to provide emergency care if that should happen.

Occupational Therapist

Victims of serious accidents or people with a disability can find that an occupational therapist can be a huge help to get their life on track.  They help people work towards a better life through exercise, taking care to ensure that each individual can do them without causing themselves an injury, and helping them to reach their goals. They will often use specialized equipment or modified tools that will help the patients in their everyday life.

Veterinary Technician or Technologist

If your caring attitude leans toward animals more than humans, then perhaps a career as a veterinary technician or technologist should be the career for you. In this job, they collect samples, run tests, and treat animals with illnesses or injuries. For one of these jobs where you are fighting to make animals fit and healthy, you have to complete a two-year course to be a technician and a four-year course to be a technologist.

Salaries in Caring Professions

The salaries vary greatly depending on which area you decide to work in, and some states are better paid than others. However, as a social worker, you could expect to earn around $47,000, as a fitness trainer about $39,000 and as an occupational therapist over $80,000.  Nurses earn in the region of $70,00, and for teachers, it can be a similar amount. As a brain surgeon you would expect to earn more than $200,000 a year, but you will have done more years training than in any of the other careers mentioned.

As a caring person, you may want to consider a career that lets you look after other people or animals. The ones mentioned here are just a tiny sample of the many hundreds of professions that will see you putting the needs of others first, as that is usually what a caring person does.

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