Can’t Afford to Intern? Here’s Why You Can’t Afford Not To

Each year as summer comes along and classes come to an end, we’re deciding how to spend the summer. For (dare I say) most of us, the thought of working “for free” completing an internship is the very height of insulting. ‘Aint nobody got no time for that! Well here’s why you should make some time!

intern1) IT’S A PERFECT WAY TO TRIAL RUN YOUR MAJOR. We’re often forced to pick a major before we’ve experienced much of anything in the workforce, so many of us pick blindly. Think you’re in love with Marketing? Try it out for a summer and see if you still fill that way. All the glitz and glamour of your major is stripped away and you’re able to witness the real workings of your “dream job.” Studies show that over 85% of the workforce actually work outside their college major. Don’t be a part of that group!

2) EMPTY RESUME? HERE’S SOME RELEVANT EXPERIENCE. So you’ve graduated college, and you’re ready to apply for those jobs in your career field. Only one problem – you’ve only got classroom projects and miscellaneous jobs to speak about. It’s typical (don’t worry, you’re not alone), but it’s not impressive. What is? Having an internship or two to brag about!

3) YOU’RE INTRODUCED TO THE POWER PLAYERS. If you don’t know by now, it’s not what you know, but whom you know! You may have some great skills, but someone has to give you the opportunity to put them to use. It’s competitive out there, and being in the same environment as the power players is priceless! How? They may be so impressed with your unpaid work they decide to hire you! Or, they write you a killer letter of recommendation. Perhaps you remind them of themselves and they offer to mentor you. The potential value of them is priceless!

Some of you are saying, “This sounds great and all, but I still need to cash a check to pay them bills.” What I say to you is to sacrifice. Isn’t that what college is anyway? Sacrificing an immediate full-time job upon graduating high school for something greater? Sacrificing 4 years of your life instead of doing what you want? Take that approach with interning. It doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment. Companies will let you work part-time, or give you a flexible schedule. And if they don’t? SACRIFICE and pick up a second job! You can do it. You’re a Bauce!


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