Can You Stand the Rain?

rainSometimes life is going to toss some evil stuff your way. Yes, toss. Like a yucky old pack of expired ranch sauce. The saying “shit happens” is cliché for a reason.  We can end up in wrangled messes by our own design or by the fault of others, toiling with ideas, situations and things that we didn’t expect, plan, or believed could happen.

Life be like that sometimes.

But did you know that every situation, even those that we deem trying and hard, is meant to build you up and make you stronger? That when it rains, it pours but there is always something greater waiting for you after the showers are washed away.

Some people hate storms. They don’t want to get stuck in them, and can’t imagine what they’d do if they ended up in a sticky situation. So, they simply exist in the world rather than live in it. Afraid to endure pain or hardship to achieve post-traumatic growth and personal success, they play it safe. They are dull people who work dull jobs and live dull lives. Because they are unwilling to buckle up and ride the roller coaster of life they lose out on knowing what it feels like to emerge from their lowest points or pure darkness.

There is beauty in standing in the rain. To feel the drops coming down and never knowing when all the difficulties will end.

To state it plainly, it’s hard for many of us to accept this, but when we can begin to see our hardships and tough times as a “process it builds up our endurance and makes us superhuman. It is the “process” of overcoming hardship that makes some people tougher than the rest. It pushes them to live more boldly, fearlessly and go for the life they so rightfully deserve.

This doesn’t mean that we simply ignore the pain when we’re going through it. No. Rather we let the process happen, rather than trying to stifle it by remaining angry and upset with all the tough situations in life.

When we can step back and allow ourselves to feel the pain, we grant ourselves the possibilities to grow in the deepest ways possible.

How do you “make it through the rain”? What does it take to emerge valiantly as the underdog and black horse?

Simply standing in it. Simply allowing your whole self to be soaked by the process. Crying your eyes out to the point where you can’t cry anymore. Finding time to love yourself more. Taking action to realize the new opportunities that have been placed before you when one door slams shut.

By simply being. By simply believing. By choosing to live rather than simply exist.

What is most important is how you pull yourself through everything, especially those deep, deep valleys. Don’t be afraid to get wet in the storm, to live passionately, hurt wholefully, and emerge victoriously. The only way to make it through the storm is to stand right smack dab in the middle of the rain. No umbrella, no raincoat, no Coach boots to buffer. Strength is always gained through the art of war. Fight your battles, both those chosen and given.  Get wet, rebound, and then go win the gold of your life.

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