Brittani Hunter Is Creating A World Full of Bosses Through Her Mogul Millennial Platform

Image courtesy: Brittani Hunter

When it comes to being a voice for millennials with a boss mindset, Brittani Hunter takes the cake!

As someone who has always been passionate about influencing and empowering other millennials, Hunter knew early on that she wanted to create smart content for those much like her who want stories that go beyond just the norm.

Hunter created Mogul Millennial as a destination for a voice she found in the media space when it comes to smart content for young, Black millennial professionals and entrepreneurs. She’s also always aspired to be a mogul and so with that mindset, her platform came to life.

She wasn’t new to this, but more so true to this having first garnered attention through LinkedIn as a top voice for people who not only look like her but the thirst for deep, fulfilling stories that inspire them to boss up to new levels!

What was the inspiration behind creating a digital media space?

Hunter: In a sense, the idea of what mogul millennial now and what we’re going to continue to be in the future has always been on my mind.

In undergrad, I was a mass communications major so I always knew that I wanted to work in media in some sense but after school, I didn’t immediately work in media.

My love for media continued although I was working in a totally different field and as I was looking to climb the corporate ladder following grad school,I was looking to find content online that could speak to me.

Instead, I found that a lot of content online was not only not catered to people who look like me, but it also wasn’t smart so six years ago the vision to create my own content came to mind.

Wow, I love that you took an obstacle and turned it into an opportunity. Can you tell us what the most rewarding part of the journey has been?

Hunter: The most rewarding thing is receiving emails and DMs about how people have been able to increase their salary or pitch because of the resources that they’ve found on the platform.

We always receive messages saying how much we’ve helped our users within their careers and once, someone sent us a note saying that we reminded her of talking to her cousin, the cool cousin that you can go to about going out and having fun but also for tips on how to boss up!

I needed that type of voice in the content space back in the day so its rewarding to know that I can provide that for people now.

Lastly, as a true BAUCE yourself, what would you say are 3 qualities every boss should have?

Hunter: The first thing is that you have to be unapologetic because no matter if you’re an entrepreneur or in the corporate space or a creative, you have to be unapologetic in what you do because that will always cancel out those moments of doubt that often will arise.

Secondly, be consistent. Whether you’re building a business or trying to climb the corporate ladder, you’re only going to be successful if you’re consistent in what you’re doing and you’re doing the work that needs to be done.

Lastly, I’d say don’t be scared to ask for what you want. If you’re in the corporate space this is really important because if you want that promotion, sometimes you have to speak up and as an entrepreneur, you’re always selling whether it’s to clients, employees, or investors, and with that, you have to have the attitude of not being afraid to ask for what you want.

We love to see it! What do you love the most about having built The Mogul Millennial?

Hunter: I truly feel that nobody creates content like the mogul millennial and that’s what makes maintaining the site so much more manageable.

One thing that we focus on heavily is how people are doing things and we have a very unique way of storytelling and getting to the nitty-gritty.

Right now, I love to see so many people who look like us build media companies. There’s literally a space for all of us. It’s so much room and I’m excited to see more people come out. It’s a space for us all to be here and thrive.

Tell us how you built your platform from the ground up?

Hunter: I would say that it ultimately started with LinkedIn. I built my audience, so my first few thousand users through LinkedIn, and once they saw that I was taking the content from LinkedIn to my own website.

We also have writers on our team who are moguls in their own way. They’re corporate leaders, business owners and they help out with the content and I think that having the support from them has helped us as well and we’re able to touch on different topics in the business and career space that we weren’t able to with just little ole me because I only know but so much.

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