Blacks and Latinas: We Are One

The passage of time, loss of historical context, and raging political issues have caused us as minorities to forget at times what unites us. The African-American and Latino past are both unique in nature, and as culturally diverse groups, Blacks and Latinos are united in their struggles for civil rights, societal recognition, and demands for acceptance. What do blacks have in common with our Latina sisters? More than you may think.

We Love Jesus:  Both blacks and Latinos have a strong sense of Christian faith wedded in their family values, extending from both the Catholic and Protestant traditions. Both groups seek to uplift their communities through the powers of prayer, introspection, and religious guidance.

We’re Fighters: During the 1960s, Blacks fought for civil rights in a country that struggled for centuries to see minorities in an equal space. Today, many Latinos are fighting for the right to be active citizens in a country that is still battling the ideas of immigration and amnesty.

We Create:  For centuries, black and Latino cultures have expressed feelings and hopes for the future through artistry. Music ballads built from the beats of drums make for similar backgrounds in both hip-hop and reggaeton music. Both cultures celebrate and — through dance.

We’re Curvaceous: Black women and Latinas both revel in exotic beauty and ethnic features. Distinct looks give black women and Latinas a sultry edge and sex appeal. More importantly, our body types helps to make our style unique and create a special market to cater to.

We’re Pro-Diversity: African-Americans and Hispanics are still minorities in many fields today. Black women and Latinas are often looking to bring their fellow sisters into the fold to help improve diversity in spaces that need it.


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1 Comment

  1. regalrealness

    November 12, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    Great topic I’ve always strongly believed that we were one!

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