How To Be Financially Successful Despite The ‘Black Tax’ On Your Coins

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As Black working women in the twenty-first century, our focus is aimed toward shattering glass ceilings, building brands to make bank, and checking off everything in our weekly planner before Sunday rolls back around. Yet, for most of us, it seems as if all the things we owe to ourselves and the world around us is kicked up a few notches due to the reality of a concept called “Black Tax.” Black Tax can be seen as the truth behind the lyrics rappers rave about when they’ve officially “made it to the top” after “starting from the bottom.” They speak to not being able to receive a break due to the pressure placed on them to provide for their families, and for many of us today—we may feel those verses a little bit harder than any of the others.

Know your worth, then add tax 

Black women have been looked at as the ones to sacrifice everything for the will of their family throughout history. What we don’t realize is that by keeping this paradigm alive, we’re draining ourselves in the process—whether it be emotionally, physically, or financially. There comes a time where you must realize your own capability. If you can’t provide for everyone and come out with more than enough finances to be comfortable with, then you first need to have a talk with yourself, and then with your family. 

While this conversation may burn an uncomfortable hole in your soul, it’s something that needs to happen. It can lead to budgeting better on what you’re giving out to others and can even reduce or eliminate what you feel like you need to give. Communication is key, especially when it comes to things that can affect your well-being and future economic success. Don’t be complacent when it comes to sacrificing yourself, you’ll come out short everytime—no matter the cost. 

More Money, Less Problems 

If you can’t see yourself not giving some of your paycheck to your family even though it may be something that could put a damper on your success—get another check. There are tons of legal side hustles to create and make some change from. You can even turn your passion into a source of income if you’re creative enough. Another source of income can either be contributed to your own funds or be the source of income that helps your family out on bills, rent, and more. If you budget wisely and work hard, you can come out with more than you even expected. 

The conversation on “Black Tax” is one that isn’t held often due to our loyalty to our family and the tradition of confidentiality regarding our family’s personal business. Yet, all staying silent does is increase the struggle we experience. While having an honest conversation on this topic can be a hard pill to swallow, it can help current and future generations of black women succeed financially despite the “Black Tax” held against us. 

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