4 Beauty Entrepreneurs Share How Their 9-To-5’s Set Them Up For Success

Do not knock a 9-to-5, honey!

Everyone wants to be a BAUCE, but few understand and are willing to go through the grueling process to get there. False narratives around entrepreneurship on social media that glamorize leaving your 9 – to – 5 often lead to misconceptions among intrapreneurs and those looking to start their own business.  The truth is, there is no shame in working for someone else, in fact, it actually has its benefits in developing the necessary skills that you will need should you ever decide to take that plunge.

BAUCE linked up with some beauty #BAUCES who dropped gems on how they maintained their 9-to-5 while building their budding side hustles.

Werk, Werk & Werk

Fortify’d Naturals Founder and Owner Tracey Golbourne is taking the hair care world by storm with an array of organic and natural products to stimulate hydration and moisture, but her relentless work ethic is her secret to success. She admits, it stems from her former life as an NYC Financial Analyst.


“One of the things that I’ve taken from my experience as an analyst is to work around the clock. As an analyst, I was always working. There was no time to have a life, only work. I went into the office at 7 am and worked until the system shut down at 10 pm and then worked on spreadsheets from home until I fell asleep. While I’m aware that this practice isn’t the healthiest. I still work that way.”

Maximize Your Day

Romance Cox is a Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer and has traveled around the world inspiring women to love and embrace their natural tresses with her brand HeyCurlie. But before her leap of faith and loyal fan base on Instagram, she says, taking advantage of as many hours of the day as she could be her strategy to success.

“Maximize and plan your day, meaning it may take some early morning before going into work or staying up late to complete projects.”

Make Your Brand a Priority

Denise Rogers is the Founder and Creator of vegan skin and body company Seasons KISS, prior to launching her business, she worked as a TV producer but knew it was time to invest in herself to manifest her dreams.

“I had to learn that I had to invest in my new business just as I had done in my previous business and those that I’ve worked for in the past. The truth is, there are proposed challenges when deciding to do anything.”

Plan With A Purpose

Imani Harris created Lash Allure of Atlanta—a luxury eyelash extension company while working as an insurance adjuster.

“I had to learn to make the most of my time which is key. Something that specifically helped me was pre-planning everything! I had to do outside of my full-time job and appointments. My days were scheduled, which made my business easier to manage. I would see a decrease in business if my time was not managed well, therefore it’s very important to stick to a dedicated schedule.”

Being a #BAUCE can come in many shapes and forms. Whether you’re working for someone else or yourself or doing both, you define what works best for you. With the proper skills, determination and work ethic, your dreams are sure to come into fruition.

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