Best Summer Jobs For College Students

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Whether you’re aiming for an internship at a big company or you’re just looking for a part-time job, our list of summer gigs can surely help you make the most out of your summer break and reap rewards long after your payment is spent. So read through until the very end to find one that best fits you and gain a CV that screams ‘hire me!’ when you step out of the academe. To focus on your summer part-time job, you can buy assignments online on EasyEssay.us site and complete your assignments for the summer on time.

Food Server

If you have a knack for a fast-paced environment, then working as a server in the food service industry can be the best way to spend your summer days and make some money along the way. While the average salary of servers is not great, you can still make significant amounts of money from tips. This position is best for people who are organized and can handle pressure, especially during peak dining hours. Through this job, you will learn how to deal with difficult people–which is an important skill that can help you in your future career.


Becoming a babysitter is a highly worthwhile job because you can spend the day playing with cute children and earn cash for the job. This can be a fantastic way to make extra money this summer for funding your dream vacation or starting your own business in the future. It could be worth it to postpone your summer travel plans a couple of weeks and make some money while taking care of the little ones. Spending time with kids is also a great way to rediscover the child in you without feeling guilty. But keeping up with kids is no piece of cake, so be prepared to visit work with full energy.


There’s nothing like that pure, strong smell of freshly-made coffee! As a barista, you should learn how to be well acquainted with coffee and be prepared for disgruntled customers wanting their morning cup of joe. Unlike a boring office job, you get to learn an impressive array of latte art and techniques on how to prepare great coffee while still making decent money as a part-timer. This can also be an ideal temporary job for fresh graduates who are transitioning from college to the professional world.


This is for teens who love summer and love plants! Signing up for this job will help you learn more about the foods you while soaking up the sun. The responsibilities of becoming a landscaper may include mowing lawns, maintaining gardens, planting trees, and pruning bushes. Since this is typically an outdoor job that requires spending hours outside the heat of the day, having good physical stamina is definitely a huge plus.

Retail Associate

From trendy clothes to the latest gadgets, this job is a match-made one for college students who love spending days in the mall. This hands-on summer job will help you gain valuable work experience as you greet visitors, offer assistance, and handle payments. As the first point of contact for customers, becoming a retail associate requires you to meet sales quotas and be professional at all times.

Ice Cream Scooper

While everyone is turning into toasted marshmallows this summer, you’ll be earning money in a cool environment when you choose to work as an ice cream scooper. The perks of signing up for this job are tips, returned smiles, and unlimited ice cream for summer! Nonetheless, choosing to work this kind of job means you’re ready for some sore forearms and spending long hours on your feet.

Camp Counselor

People who love leading activities and engaging with children may enjoy a role as a camp counselor at your nearest day camps or local summer camps. As you work at summer camps, you will constantly be pushed out of your comfort zone and gain meaningful lifelong experiences as you accelerate towards your career after college graduation. With a variety of positions available, you will surely find one that suits your natural skills and job functions.


If your passion is swimming, it could serve you justice to sit on your throne surveying the waters and taking care of people while looking super cool in your swim gear. This rewarding line of work requires a certain level of responsibility knowing that your job is to look out for people and keep them away from potentially harmful situations. Beyond life-saving skills, becoming a lifeguard also helps in developing your self-confidence, communication skills, leadership, and responsibility. All of which are job market buzzwords that can make you stand out in the eyes of prospective employers.

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