What’s the Best Furnace for Your House?

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Choosing the right furnace or HVAC system for your home can be a challenge.

Once winter hits there’s little that’s more important in cold weather than home heating. The world of furnaces can be confusing, but knowing what is out there will help you to understand what kind of furnace will work best in your house. Here are a few things for you to consider about your furnace needs.

What Kind of HVAC or Heating System Is Best for You?

The two different ways your heating and cooling system can be arranged are:

  1. Split system, which is the most common. It is made up of a furnace, condensing unit, and a coil.
  2. Packaged system. If you don’t have a basement, crawlspace or attic then you need a system that doesn’t take up so much room. Packaged systems have all the components together in one unit placed outside.

If you have a split system in your house now but want to open up some space, you should consider a packaged system if you’re planning to replace your old equipment.

What Type of Fuel Will You Use for Your Furnace?

There are three types of fuel used to run a furnace. They are:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Oil

Each type has several important points to be familiar with. A gas furnace will operate off of natural gas and is typically the most cost-effective way to warm your home when the temperature drops below the freezing point.

A propane or oil furnace is a very potent heat source too, but can be a lot more costly to run than gas depending on the price of oil or propane. They also require more room for storage since you need a tank to hold the fuel. But, they can be a great substitute for a gas furnace if you live in an area that doesn’t have lines for gas or you live in an older home.

Electric furnaces are nice but they are the most expensive option to run. This is because they have to create the heat they use from electricity and that will have an impact on your meter. If electric is what you want to use then the best option is a heat pump powered by electricity that transfers heat from an air stream to an additional air stream and ultimately uses less electricity.

Should You Add Zones to Your HVAC System?

You may experience a phenomenon where sections of your home get colder or hotter than others. This is a problem for a few reasons, one of which is that you can use extra energy in order to keep your whole house at a constant temperature. Zoning systems are available to help rectify this problem. It divides your house into zones that are controlled by separate thermostats. Dampers within the duct system can also open or shut to help level out the temperature throughout the whole home.

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Choosing the Right Type of Furnace Blower

Two kinds of furnace blowers are available: the fixed speed blower and the variable-speed blower. Variable speed blowers are best for superior home coziness and have the ability to distribute the air evenly throughout your home. It ensures that air being circulated is a more constant temperature and also ensures quiet operation of the unit.

It’s worth spending a little time online to research your options, before undertaking any type of renovation, remodeling or home improvement project. But, ultimately, having the information you need to make an informed decision will ensure you get the most benefit and the largest return on investment for your new or replacement furnace or HVAC system.

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