What Going On Long Walks Really Does For Your Body

The health benefits of exercise are well-documented and have been for many years. Magazines, television programs and social media are filled with amateur athletes pumping iron, pounding the streets and cycling until they pour in sweat. This might be the only way to go for some people, but for others, it would fill them with horror!

Fortunately, there are so many different ways to enjoy the benefits of exercise that you can find something that not only works but that you enjoy too. From swimming to salsa classes, racket sports to trampolining, the opportunities are almost endless. According to experts at Click Pharmacy, walking can be an excellent way to improve your health, but how healthy is it and what does going on long walks genuinely impact your body?

Increase your heart rate

This improves your heart health and function, and your whole cardiovascular system gets healthier as a result. This reduces your risk of heart disease, strokes, and angina unusually if your walks are brisk. You’ll have the most benefits then.


Exercise of this nature, especially if you do it in the fresh air and environment, will serve to reduce your stress levels which has a significant impact on your body. Your muscles will relax, and the movement will help your digestive system to operate optimally.


We’ve already mentioned how regular exercise improves our bodily systems, but did you know that brisk walking also increases the production of disease-killing lymphocytes? These are what kill germs once they get into the bloodstream, but walking improves the first line of defense – the skin and mucosal surfaces – so that the bacteria don’t even get that far.

Weight loss

Regular exercise, as we know, can facilitate weight loss following a balanced diet. This is better for us for many reasons, and one of the best is that being within a healthy weight range will help prevent lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 diabetes from developing.


Regular exercise helps to promote good sleep patterns, yet the benefits of walking can aide even further if it is done outside. Exposure to bright, natural light will help to regulate your circadian rhythm, or internal sleep clock, to help you feel alert during waking hours and tired when it’s bedtime.

Clearer skin

Getting the blood pumping, maybe even sweating a bit will always help to clear your skin by sweeping toxins away from the surface and fighting the germs which cause spots. Walking outside in the elements will improve this even further thanks to the natural light you’ll be exposed

Living a healthy lifestyle extends beyond the occasional stroll, but it can certainly start with a brisk daily walk. It would be best if you also considered your diet, how much sleep you get and even your vitamin and supplement intake. If you are keen to ensure you are fully clued up and taking all the new things available to keep your health tip-top, speak to the experts at Click Pharmacy who will be able to advise you on what you would benefit from.

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