How Gardening Benefits Your Mind and Soul

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Gardening has more benefits than most people realize.

As BAUCE women, you are constantly on the move and it is important to take moments when you can to bask in nature and just breathe. This is where gardening comes in. People tend to have gardens for numerous reasons; some people want them for looks, some want them for the physical aspect they can provide, and some want them to supplement their weekly groceries with fresh produce. Whatever the reason, there is one basic thing that stands: gardening is good for the mind and it’s good for the soul.

But how exactly is gardening good for the mind and the soul? What are the benefits and why do so many people have gardens at their home? Whether it is a small window box at your apartment building or a standing garden on the porch of your shared townhouse; people have their gardens nearby.

Mental Benefits

Gardening can reduce the amount of stress that a person feels on a daily basis because it slows down the mind to focusing only on the task at hand. The longer a person stays in nature, the better it is for their mental health. The concentration required on setting up a garden and then completing the task is admirable. Plans for the garden must be made, lists of what should be bought need to be made and a plan for watering the garden, protecting the garden and all that goes along with it must be in place before even starting the planting.

Gardening can also benefit the mind by allowing people to be surrounded by nature. There is something almost poetic in watching a tiny seed bloom into a tiny plant, gaining strength each day to face the next. The feeling of accomplishment that comes from seeing this process and being a part of it from the beginning is indescribable. That feeling is what makes people turn to the garden over and over again.

Physical Benefits

Gardening is a physically tasking endeavor. The amount of hauling, dragging, bending, squatting and digging can be insane when you are starting fair-sized garden beds from scratch. The maintenance aspect, with creating compost and spreading it over the beds requires a steady hand. If you are growing vegetables and fruits, the process of harvesting your wares is as equally demanding as the process for growing them in the first place.

The number of calories one can burn during a gardening session is high and during the vigorous exercise routine – the brain releases endorphins which in turn invokes good, positive feelings to soar through the body. This feeling? It is good for the mind and the soul.

Having a vegetable garden also increases the nutritional value of your meals and the same goes if you grow fruits instead of veggies. You’ll be able to add fresh produce to more meals without having to spend the high prices at your local grocery store. You’ll feel confident knowing that your vegetables have not been grown in harsh, chemically enhanced pesticides nor have they been treated with steroids to enhance their growth.

Once you start eating a more nutritionally balanced meal; your body will definitely thank you as it gets the nutrients it needs to become healthy and strong. A lack of health problems due to poor nutrition will ease your mental health and in turn – give you a healthy soul.

Gardening Maintenance

While the first initial stages of gardening can be relaxing and engage all of your senses; you aren’t quite finished at planting the seeds and stepping back. Garden maintenance is a constant and definitely required if you are planning to make your garden the focal point of your backyard.

Garden maintenance is one of the integral parts of having a garden and you will definitely need the right tools. You’ll want gardening gloves to protect the skin of your hands, a kneeling pad to provide support to your knees and back during long weeding sessions, a pair of gardening shears for pruning and trimming the plant life and a trowel for removing vegetables from the ground. You’ll want a kink-free garden hose and a garden hose reel for easy storage. Check out and Garden DIY, and for the best ones.

The benefits of gardening range from physical labor to total mental relaxation and gardening is a hobby that will engage all of your senses. It can calm mental anxiety and it can reduce stress. Tension is alleviated from the body during the physical acts of gardening and the organization required works the brain. If your body and mind are in a healthy place; then you can be sure that your soul is also going to be healthy.

Seniors can also try gardening. Whether they live in their own residence or stay at an independent or assisted living facility, this is an activity that will keep them both occupied and healthy. For example, they can report plants, water them, trim some bushes, or even do some weeding and tree planting.

The feeling of accomplishment that accompanies seeing your garden in bloom; whether it be from flowers or vegetables or fruits or herbs and maybe even a combination of all – is good for the soul.

If you are interested in growing your own fruits and vegetables or if you want to add a strawberry patch, then investing in a plastic greenhouse is a great way to get started. You can also check out this guide by The Local Tree Experts to learn how to leverage tree removal services to make space in your backyard for your new blooming garden.

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