Become a Successful Hairstylist Using These 5 Tips

The right haircut and styling can make a major difference in the appearance of a person. They can frame the face structure properly, makes the person look professional and complements the other features of the body.

A perfect hairdo, however, needs a skilled hairstylist who can transform a customer’s imagination into reality. This professional must also know what’s in style and what’s out of place. If you are focused and passionate about this industry, only then you can become a successful hairdresser.

So what do you need to make your mark on the industry as a well-established hairstylist?

Keep the following tips in mind:

1. Educate Yourself

You have to remember that cosmetology is the art of styling. Before you can become a pro at it, you’ll need to educate yourself. Theoretical, technical and practical knowledge is essential for becoming a great hairstylist. You need to get proper education and training before opening your business or joining any salon.

One suggestion is to join professional institutes to obtain expertise in the area of styling. You’ll learn how to work with hairs of all types and textures. This groundwork should be strong enough to help you achieve success in whatever you’re pursuing.

Pro-tip: never stop learning. Once you’ve graduated from a good beauty school, don’t forget to take up advanced education. This will help keep you up to date on what’s new and hot in the beauty and fashion industry.

2. Determine Your Niche

Take a good look at your best work. Then, find consistencies. Are your color corrections a hit with customers? Do your updos make potential brides swoon? Find your specialty or niche and see if you can find a spa or salon that matches your skills and preferences. You could also start a business if you like.

3. Be Professional

Even if you’re the most skilled hairstylist in your state or country, you will not achieve the success you want if you do not treat your customers properly. So, behave like a professional.

Here are a few tips to help you act like a professional:

  • Be on Time – Your customers expect you to be on time, if not early. Many hairstylists and beauty salon owners lose clients simply because they are constantly falling behind schedule. So practice effective time management to avoid running behind all the time.
  • Keep Your Workspace Clean – Customers don’t like seeing and sitting through a dirty salon. Before you accommodate clients, make sure that your workspace looks immaculate.
  • Be a Team Player – Become the person you’d want to work with in the salon or spa. Be respectful to anyone you talk to and refrain from using foul language. Also, don’t be lazy and be willing to help your colleagues. The whole salon benefits when you all work together.
  • Look Professional – Your appearance can affect how much money you can charge to clients. If you arrive at the salon or spa with sloppy clothing, such as cut-off jeans and flip-flops, you most likely won’t get top dollar for the services you render. On the other hand, you can expect clients to pay top dollar if you look stylish. So treat your profession as if you’re going on stage to perform in front of a live studio audience.

4. Learn How to Market Yourself

Even if the salon or spa you’re working for markets the business along with their stylists, you still need to learn how to promote yourself. You could, for instance, launch a website showcasing your skills and portfolio. You can build a site from scratch or get a professional to work out the website design and launch for you.

Another suggestion is to leverage social media. Instagram and Facebook accounts can help you improve brand awareness and, in some cases, help you bring in more customers to the business.

When you talk to a person and your profession comes up, don’t forget to give them a business card. Networking is an excellent tool in promoting yourself, your brand and your business.       

5. Charge What You’re Worth

Never be afraid to charge top dollar — just make sure that you let your work speak for itself.

Also, don’t worry about what other hairstylists around you charge. Cheap pricing isn’t always better. If you begin pricing your services below others to get more customers walking through your salon door, you are devaluing yourself. You likely will not put a lot of heart and passion into what you do if the money isn’t there.

So never go less. If you think that you need to offer a discount or a freebie, opt for a value-added offer instead. Provide an additional treatment or service, but refrain from constantly cutting your price.

These tips can help you become a successful hairstylist. Make sure that you always strive to be your best, keep learning, be professional and treat your clients like gold. You’ll attract the best customers when you put these suggestions into action.

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