Keeping Your Children Safe: Ways to Handle Allergic Reactions of Children

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We need to keep our children safe. They tend to get into messy situations and only get to take care of themselves once they’ve grown old enough. They always require our tender love and care, especially if chronic health problems such as allergies and asthma. However, this can be a tough undertaking because we’re usually busy living our own lives.

About 50 million Americans have allergies, and a decent chunk of that is children. There are also about 6 million American children who have asthma. These two are the most dominant chronic illnesses that children suffer from. Although lethality from such illnesses remains low, we must keep watching, especially if we know our children have such chronic illnesses.

Taking care of our children can be fairly hard, even if they stay at home most of the time because of the pandemic. However, by implementing the right treatments and helping them take care of themselves, you can keep your children away from these major chronic diseases.

Avoid Food Allergies

The most common form of allergies and the most avoidable are food allergies. If you currently don’t know if your child has food allergies or not, then you must keep away from these foods: cow milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, and fish. Tree nuts and peanuts are the most dangerous because they can cause both choking and allergic reactions, leading to asphyxiation.

You should get your child checked if you don’t know if they have food allergies or not. Most children can live with food allergies, and there are a few who can outgrow them. With some help, your child can start eating these kinds of food with the help of immunotherapy.

Allergen Immunotherapy

Allergen Immunotherapy is a growing treatment for people who have allergies. Essentially, immunotherapy exposes people with allergies to their allergens at controlled doses. The reason for this is to train their immune system to not overreact to such allergens and that they are not harmful at all.

The studies behind immunotherapy are showing good signs of improvement, especially for people with peanut allergies. Since your child will be exposed to all sorts of food as they grow up, it might be good to let them go immunotherapy as early as now.

If you want to do it yourself, your doctor is going to prescribe allergen shots. These shots have a controlled amount of your child’s allergen, and depending on the instructions, you might have to do it a couple of times a week. This is a form of allergen immunotherapy known to work well with all sorts of food allergies.

Teach Your Child How to Use an Inhaler

Children are susceptible to asthma attacks regardless of where they are. This is why you must teach your child how to use their inhalers as early as four to five years old. An inhaler is your child’s first line of defense against asthma attacks, and they’re going to be using it for probably the rest of their lives. So being able to teach them as early as now will make their lives a lot easier in the future.

Make Sure They Can Contact You at Any Time

It’s important your children can contact you wherever they go. They don’t necessarily need a smartphone yet but go for it if you think that’s the best approach. If you don’t think it’s right to give your child access to smartphones just yet, feel free to give them flip phones instead. Other alternatives include smartwatches, two-way radios, and relay phones.

Medical Care

You may never know when allergies or asthma will hit because no one can fully protect their children from such events. This is why you must enroll your child in a trustworthy urgent care facility so that they can be treated properly in cases of emergencies. This is extra important if your child has experienced asphyxiation due to allergies or asthma during the past few years. Again, this is to ensure that your child will stay safe regardless of where they are.

It’s also important to get a check-up for your child every year to see how they progress through their asthma and allergies. Knowledge is power when combating these two chronic illnesses, and by knowing where your child is at when it comes to their asthma and allergies, you can eventually treat them in the future. Taking care of your children’s allergies and asthma is crucial to their growth. There’s a chance that your child will outgrow these chronic illnesses and live a better life, but that chance is small. Constant monitoring and treatment should increase the chance that this happens. So

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