Album Preview: ‘True’ by Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles is no stranger to our playlist. The singer’s soon-to-be-released EP True  is slated to make our top pick as a Christmas gift with soulful melodies and hipster swag throughout the tracks.

The EP is a set of seven tracks carefully written and recorded to emit a cool vibe spiked with new sound and a fresh musical perspective. Knowles’s runaway EP hit “Losing You” is a fan-favorite and is a brilliantly mixed song with lyrics that pops in tune to an upbeat tempo.

Knowles’s newest work also features the freshly funky “Sleep in the Park” and “Some Things Never Seem to F*cking Work” that encompass the very best of new-age R&B and free flowing sounds of hipster rock.

True is set for release on November 27 and will be available on vinyl and for iTunes. Pre-order True on iTunes now. This EP is not only worth a listen, it’s worth being played on repeat.

Solange, we salute you.

Check out the video for “Losing You” below.


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