4 Fashion Stores That Will Give You A Bang For Your Buck

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Stop wasting all your hard earned money and start saving with these incredible tips.

There comes a time when you must elevate your style vault from a Twix bar to a premium Ferrero Rocher. In order to make this leap without getting the side-eye from your bank account, we’ve compiled a list of places where you can find luxury clothing for less that will carry you through multiple seasons.

Missguided: I must admit, I am pretty late to hop on the Missguided bandwagon, but I recently made a purchase that has led me to become the proud owner of a beautifully made faux-suede skirt that has garnered me more compliments than I know what to do with the two times I’ve worn it out. The cut is great, the stitching is precise, and the fit was made just for me. The total price of my slayage? $13. Missguided is a British fast-fashion retailer that has recently expanded into the U.S. market. Although they are a fast-fashion retailer, you can rest assured that their pieces will carry you through multiple seasons without falling apart.

Pro-Tip: The secret to scoring great deals on Missguided is via filtering. If you’re looking for a trendy item, search directly for it in their search bar rather than being overwhelmed with scrolling through hundreds of pieces, page by page, and eventually becoming uninspired.

Nordstrom Rack: We all heard about the Nordstrom anniversary sales that were going on about two weeks ago, and I don’t know about you, but even those “sale” prices were still quite high for my budget. To satisfy my luxe cravings, I hopped on Nordstrom Rack and I was able to score a picturesque pair of genuine suede loafers by Susina. The moment I put my feet into the shoes, I couldn’t help but imagine the smug look I would have on my face when I strut into work with my stylish and comfortable shoes, all the while knowing that my slayage only cost me $49.

Pro-Tip: Check Nordstrom’s website or store to find what brand or style you’re looking for, then head on over to Nordstrom Rack’s website to buy the same piece for much less!

6PM: Once you’ve upgraded your clothes, you gotta upgrade your shoes to match. 6PM is the baby of Zappo’s. It gets all the excess inventory from Zappo’s and so it’s able to offer you designer items for much less than the original prices. Once upon a time a year ago, 6PM had free shipping on any order—no minimum. Although this has changed, you still get a good deal with free shipping over $50 or sometimes if you buy two shoes. Even though 6PM has more than shoes, its greatest strength lies in its bootie and sandal collections. They have all the popular bootie styles in leather and suede leather cuts for at least 50% of the price.

Pro-Tip: Since 6PM does not have a physical store and it charges you for return shipping, try out whatever shoe you’re looking to buy at a department store or the label store before you order from 6PM so that you’re sure it will fit.

Macy’s: With the rise of fast-fashion stores, department store giants like Macy’s are loosing their hold on its customers. This is great because it means we benefit from reduced prices on designer handbags. For example, I’m sure you’ve all seen the eye-catching small boy lambkin Chanel handbag (that costs $4,000) hanging comfortably on the shoulders of your favorite stars. I looked at that price tag and I had to repeat to myself: “experiences over things, experience over things, experience over things.” A week later, the good lord rewarded me with a perfect alternate while I was perusing the aisles of Macy’s. I got a light pink Calvin Klein quilted leather shoulder bag for the great price of $60! I saved $90 off the original price and while it’s no Chanel, it definitely adds luxe to my style and I get loads of compliments and double takes when I wear it out!

Pro-Tip: Because Macy’s is so big, you may not see everything they have to offer on their website. In my case, when I got home, I tried to look up the Calvin Klein bag on Macy’s website and I couldn’t find it! So it is worth it to get out and go into a physical store to look for items that you want to get.

Finally, do keep in mind that while Instagram churns new fashion stores every day selling you all the newest trends, the quality and customer service of these companies most likely reflects their discount prices. Therefore, it is important to consider the bargain holistically when you shop luxury clothing for less by buying from companies with solid return policies, customer service, and a standing reputation.

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