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The convenience of the internet and the technologies it provides has evolved into dependence and in some cases – an addiction. Our reliance on smart devices, social media, and entertainment platforms can make life much more exciting, but it merges the ever-growing digital world with our reality, which creates unique problems shrouded by enjoyment and comfort.

All the smart devices, IoT products, online shops, and especially social media platforms collect our data for a multitude of reasons. While some may claim that their goal is to improve their product or service and they disclose their intentions in a company’s privacy policy, you will still encounter plenty of hardware and software that originate from countries like China that mindlessly collect all available data to fulfill their agenda.

Most internet users have already reached a point of no return. Our every action on the web leaves a digital footprint that can be extracted and analyzed. Because most web surfers are concerned and displeased about such blatant exposure of their lives, we can observe many businesses seizing the opportunity to profit from our fear and agitation. In this article, we will help you find a sensible approach to increase your internet security and minimize your digital footprint. IP address exposure should be one of the primary concerns for most web surfers, which can be solved with datacenter proxies. To learn more about intermediary proxy providers, check out a reliable datacenter proxy provider to utilize these tools and educate yourself on the assistance they provide. For now, let’s gloss over effective tools to secure your privacy and ineffective methods that could decrease it.

Proxy servers – a trustworthy security solution

If you are serious about addressing the threats to your personal data on the internet, masking your IP address in most situations is a great start. When using a proxy server, the data packets that go straight to a recipient of your choice go through a middleman that hides your network identity. This is especially beneficial if you visit potentially malicious websites that do not use a secure HTTPS protocol that ensures bidirectional encryption of transmitted data. Such connections are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks that can intercept your packets and discover your IP address.

Most of the time, datacenter proxies are the most affordable solution that provides sufficient internet speed and does not disrupt your browsing or other connections. However, businesses that perform tasks on the internet may pay more to get residential proxies from real internet service providers. Because their activities on the web may involve public information extraction, they want authentic IPs to reduce recognizability. Datacenter proxies use IP addresses from data centers, which makes them easy to spot. However, if all you care about is privacy and anonymity while browsing, go for a cheaper option because its limitations will not affect your experience.

Risky privacy solutions

There are many ways an internet user can end up using a dangerous or illegitimate method to preserve their privacy. Some choose these tools to save money, while others overspend on tools that put them at greater risk. Let’s discuss the most popular cases when a privacy tool delivers the opposite effect.

Implementation of smart security cameras

While it may not be a solution that focuses on your online privacy, it can quickly become a risk to all aspects of your life. Some security cameras have poor preventive measures and create easy access for cybercriminals. Once infiltrated, potential burglars can review their data and track the movement and activity of inhabitants in your home.

Individuals that use these cameras to remotely ensure the safety of their property often expose this information to third parties that choose to take a peek at the unencrypted data. Even if a cybercriminal does not have access to the actual video footage, they can predict the activity in your home just by analyzing the changes in traffic. By tracking and identifying patterns in data in extended periods, they can determine at what time your house is empty.

These problems occur when property owners buy cheap security items that do not implement security precautions to reduce costs. To avoid such problems, conduct thorough research to create intelligent security systems that focus on all aspects of privacy instead of only focusing on parts that leave a good impression on a gullible customer.

Avoid free security solutions

Internet users often look for free security tools as an easy way to ensure online privacy. Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge and investment in effective solutions can lead to further traps created by cybercriminals. As an example, let’s analyze the usage of free proxy servers. At first glance, it might seem like a way to trick the system – why would you spend money on datacenter proxies from legitimate providers when you have a free alternative to achieve the same results? However, not only do these servers severely slow down your internet speed, unknown third parties behind them can peek at the transmitted data. If you connect to social media platforms or worse – online shop accounts, the exposure of sensitive private data might be inevitable. Do not look for an easy way out – secure your privacy with legitimate tools.

In the end, the only way to ensure a sensible approach to internet security is to conduct your research. But do not forget – even the most advanced solutions will not ensure complete anonymity. With social media platforms, tech giants, and online advertisers cooperating to dominate the internet, staying completely private is no longer an option.

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