8 BAUCE Lessons For My Younger Self

Going back in time and sprinkling a trail of wisdom for your younger self to follow is a dream we would all would love to live. Some of us stumbled along our journeys and wish we could whisper truths to ourselves that only experience could embed in us.  Well, since we can’t zap back in time we can certainly share lessons to young women coming after us. Womanhood and becoming a BAUCE is a daily path we navigate. Here are eight of these lessons I would preach to my younger self.

1. Glance at the Past, Focus on The Future. The past is a place of reference but not the map of where your future is leading you. It’s important to glance at your history in order to build from the mistakes you’ve made and pull out key lessons but do not set up a permanent mentality in your past.

2. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable. Growth is uncomfortable. A short truth that’s packed with power. Faith and greatness is only seen when you step outside of your comfort zone. The moment you realize reaching a higher level may not always feel cozy you will understand the power of development and will not run or hide from it.

3. Silence Brings Clarity. In a world that’s surrounded and constantly stirring up noise, it’s vital to quiet your mind. Do not get used to clutter within your spirit, space or life. Creativity is unlocked when your thoughts have the freedom to roam and not be judged by others around you. Take moments of silence daily to flourish your ideas and sift down to your original thoughts.

4. Average Equals Danger Zone. The moment you become okay with being just ‘good enough’ is the moment when you stop pushing yourself to unlock the unlimited power that was given to you. It’s such a privilege to have breath in your lungs and it’s your responsibility not only for yourself but to inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

5. Feed What’s Feeding You. Test your energy levels when it comes to the people around you. If you’re constantly feeling drained or used when around certain individuals, it’s time to let go of that connection. If you’re around individuals who encourage you to reach higher and feel rejuvenated when you leave them, cherish those relationships. If you feed what’s feeding you both parties will rarely feel depleted.  It creates a constant cycle of giving and receiving from both ends.

6. Progress + Productivity. Being busy doesn’t equate to being productive. Your schedule can be packed and you can have only one item on your entire to-do list that’s actually getting you closer to your dreams. Time is the MOST precious gift we have and others won’t honor your time if you don’t honor your own.

7. What You Allow, Will Continue. Only you have the authority of what and who you allow in your presence and the treatment that is shown to you. From business to personal, the moment you allow others to treat you with just a droplet of less respect than you deserve, you give the green light for that behavior to continue or get worse. Set boundaries for yourself and demand that everyone meets them around you.

8. Be Authentic. In a day and age where we’re constantly getting bombarded by social media, bloggers, quick steps of how to be successful, it’s tough to understand who you are and your personal strengths. There are numerous women who are successful and each one has their individual style that works for them. Do not imitate what you see but be inspired to dig deeper inside yourself to create your own journey with the tools that was uniquely given to you to succeed.

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