7 Ways To Enhance Your Workspace For Self Care

A little over a year ago, COVID-19 rocked the world as we know it, changing literally every aspect of our daily lives – including the way we do business. From Zoom meetings to multi-tasking, we’re all learning to navigate a new normal. Succeeding in this ever- changing new reality, means it’s increasingly vital that our workspaces are as serene and aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

Here are 7 easy ways to upgrade your workspace to boost mood, productivity, and self-care, no matter your career! 

Get it Lit

The way you light your space is everything. It’s important that your workspace heightens your spirit and drives your ambition. Candles are a simple way to do this in any space.

The Issa Rae-approved, soy-based candle range by Alexandra Winbush will enchant your space with lush scents that inspire while their sleek designs add a perfect dose of hygge energy.

Check out the Morrocan Amber  “September Sixth” for relaxation, or the Pomegranate Ginger “Sunday In Brooklyn” to energize. Alexandra Winbush also serves up natural, loose-leaf teas with classic flavor profiles like Spiced Apple Chai and Fresh Mint to help you get your mind right at the top of your day!

Spoken Flames offers wood-wick candles that crackle softly when burning for a cozy effect. More than a candle, these “immersive candle experiences” also include motivating messages accessible via IG.  

Candles aren’t your thing? You’ve still got some great options when it comes to mood-elevating lighting! 

Brighten Your Path

Himalayan salt lamps have been the rage with gurus, influencers, and health-conscious folks of all kinds. Working by attracting toxins and pollutants, while releasing negative ions, salt lamps are said to improve mood, fight against depression and anxiety and contribute to overall health. 

Black to My Roots offers a full range of gorgeous, authentic Himalayan salt products guaranteed to shift your workspace’s undercurrent while making you feel brand new.

Out of the Blue

Many of us work closely with screens these days and the blue light from these devices can affect our attention spans and even our mental clarity. 

Investing in products that block blue light, like Umizato’s blue light blocking glasses or some high-quality prescription glasses is a must if your typical workday involves heavy screen usage. 

Natural Vibes

Science tells us that spending time around plants decreases anxiety and increases attentiveness by up to 20 percent, making them a perfect productivity partner. 

Zen Succulent’s huge, affordable selection of plants and planting materials that ship worldwide is a great place to start getting your green on.

Vibe By Design

Wall art gives personal flair while helping to cultivate the energy of a space. Support emerging artists by browsing sites like Etsy and Society6 for handmade adornments that speak to you.

Room dividers are an inexpensive but effective way to professionalize small or shared workspaces – whether for Zoom meetings or just to stay focused. 

Technical Support

If you’re having productivity issues or even dealing with depression or anxiety, there could be an app for that. A couple of our faves?

Shine is a personalized app that includes guided meditations, morning inspiration texts, customizable mental health tool kits, and community forums. AYANA connects you with virtual counseling and peer forums.

A workspace that feeds the mind and soul is essential for everyone. Cultivate a workspace that soothes the soul and before you know it, the “new normal” won’t seem so strange at all. 

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