7 Fitness Goals Women Should Set to Get Fit

Sometimes it’s tough to stick to fitness goals, especially when factors such as your social life get in the way.  Who can keep a straight head when you’re out to eat with your friends and cheese-smothered fries and chicken wings are calling your name?

Having a clearly defined fitness goal can help keep your mind off of the candy and your mind on the prize.  If you’re training for a triathlon, you’re probably going to be much more likely to order a salad instead of  a cheeseburger.

If you’d like to acquire some newfound willpower, consider these following options for getting in the best shape of your life:

bodybuuikd1.)   Train for a marathon.  5ks, triathlons, half-marathons, and full marathons happen monthly around the country.  If entering a 5k, give yourself at least 6 weeks for training; if entering a half-marathon, at least 12.  Research nutrition and training tips online or in fitness/running magazines to ensure you avoid injury and condition correctly.

2.)   Sign up for a mud run.  Similar to marathons, except filled with seemingly dangerous obstacles like barbed wire, fire pits, and electrical wires… and so much more thrilling.  Not only will you have to train to run, but you’ll have to train by hiking, lifting heavy objects, and getting yourself over high walls.  Start out small with smaller mud runs like Warrior Dash that are as long as a 5k.  However, if you want to go hard, give yourself time to train and sign up for a Spartan Sprint or Tough Mudder.  Watch some YouTube videos.  When you see all of the obstacles you’ll have to face, chances are you won’t even have an appetite for junk!

3.)   Enter a bodybuilding competition.  Bodybuilding is an excellent way to not only lose weight but pack muscle and truly get in shape.  Be warned: it is a difficult lifestyle that requires many food restrictions and a lot of time put in the gym.  However, the community is so supportive that you’ll be motivated every day to keep up with your goals.  Sign up for a competition, research what you goals you have to achieve, and don’t be afraid to let everyone know what you’re trying to do.  Prepare to prep your own meals and cook a lot of lean protein and veggies.

4.)   Take up a new, challenging activity like yoga or Crossfit. Simply joining a new hobby will shock your body with the changes and, if coupled with a better diet and healthier food, undoubtedly result in weight loss.  Check out LivingSocial or Groupon for some deals on yoga, Zumba, or Crossfit classes.  Try kick boxing or martial arts.

5.)   Bet some bucks.  Put your money where your mouth is, instead of cupcakes.  Websites like keep you motivated by making you put a certain amount of money on the line.  If you don’t lose x amount of lbs (you decide) in a week, you lose that much amount of money, either to a friend or an anti-charity of your choice.

6.)   Grab a friend.  Nothing like a little friendly competition to keep you motivated.  If you have a pal who wants to get in shape, check in with each other.  Share Google Docs to keep track of what the other’s been eating and how you’ve been working out.  Once you see she had salad for dinner, you’re not going to want to have any dessert.

7.)   Let the world keep you accountable.  Start new accounts for your weight loss, on Twitter, Instagram, and a blog site of your choice, and let the world know what you’re trying to do.  Be sure to hash tag everything.  Millions of people know—and are going through—exactly what you are, and when you receive tons of support, you’re not going to want to let your followers down.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Vivi N (@Vivi_HPS)

    July 30, 2013 at 9:12 am

    Thanks for the tips! I’m planning on starting Insanity this week. Yeah, that will definitely shock my body right on up. lolol.

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