5 Ways To Wear Dresses In The Winter

If you’re more of a dressy person then when the winter months hit it can be a struggle to know how to style your outfit to keep warm. You might be wondering how you can take your favourite summer dress and style it for a winter look. Luckily we’re here to help with our 5 ways to wear dresses in the winter.

Over A Turtleneck

The turtleneck and slip dress combo is a match made in heaven that comes back year after year. A black or white turtleneck with a slip dress can keep you warm without compromising on style, and it won’t take attention away from your dress. A printed, patterned or plain dress will work well, but make sure you contrast the colours and ensure the turtleneck is thin to avoid it looking bulky underneath your dress. Dress it up with heels or dress it down with sneakers or boots for a casual winter look.

Team With Tights

It might be the most obvious way to wear a dress in winter, but teaming a dress with tights deserves to be included as some small style tweaks can completely elevate the look. When wearing a dress with tights opt for a midi or mini dress and ensure any jacket you wear doesn’t fall longer than the dress. Black tights are a classic choice of colour and the key is to match it with black in the top half of your outfit.

Wear With Knee High Boots

Wearing a dress with knee high boots is the perfect way to create a chic winter look. It can take your favourite summer dress and transform it so you can wear it all year round. Opt for a mini dress like those from Dancing Leopard and ensure it falls just above the top of the boot. Then complete your look with a jacket that’s a similar length to the dress. 

Layer With Jeans

It might have been a trend that was first seen in the late 90s, but wearing a dress with jeans has recently made a comeback so it should not be ignored. It allows double the layers to keep you warm in the colder months and gives a cool twist to your look. The possibilities are endless, but make sure your dress is floaty rather than being tight as it can end up looking bulky. Stick to skinny jeans rather than a flared pair and wear ankle boots or heels to complete your look. 

Wear With A Long Coat

A long oversized coat is an essential winter layering piece and one of the best ways to keep warm whilst wearing a dress in winter. Whatever the colour, a long coat is a great investment piece as it can be styled into different looks and will last you for years to come. A good tip for styling is to match the length of your coat with your dress and team it with tights and boots to keep your bottom half warm. 

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