5 Ways to Monetize Your Digital Brand in the New Year

Personal branding is definitely a buzzword these days especially as social media continues to grow and take off. We all know what a brand is (your reputation) and why it’s important (differentiator). But what many struggle with, especially in the digital space, is how to monetize their brands. You’ve made a video that’s gone viral, now what? You have thousands of Instagram followers, but what do you do with them? Here’s five ways you can begin to monetize your digital brand in 2017.

Become an Affiliate

Many companies offer affiliate links to their products and services. An affiliate link is a web URL that your followers can use to sign up for a service or purchase something, that links back to you. You can either earn commission, credits and/or free items based on the number of people that use your link. There are a number of companies such as Moo, Vistaprint, Fiverr and more that offer these programs automatically. If you can’t find an affiliate program for your favorite company, reach out to their PR team and ask about a program!

Use Shopstyle Collective to Show Off Your Fashion

Shopstyle is another affiliate program that is extremely unique. It offers you the ability to earn commissions based on sales from a variety of fashion lines.  If you are a style influencer, you can use Shopstyle to refer your followers to the stores where they can find those pieces and earn money if they purchase it. Shopstyle also partners with cosmetic and handbag companies so you can make it easy for your followers to get your entire look, literally.

Create Your Own Products

Do you use catch phrases and words that catch on like wildfire? Why not put those phrases on a shirt, bag or coffee mug? You can use sites such The Printful or Spreadshirt to create custom designs and sell them without having to manage inventory. This will allow you to earn extra income and spread awareness of your brand without the headache of having to create and ship items yourself. However, if you want to add the personal touch of shipping yourself, Discount Mugs and Vistaprint are great starter sites to buy things in bulk. You can also work with a local printer in your community.

Write a Book

Amazon has made it incredibly easy for you to publish a book without working with a large publisher. Amazon’s Createspace platform allows you to create both physical and Kindle books to sell on the platform. If you have expertise and enjoy writing, consider putting your thoughts on paper. Writing a quality book does take time, but once it’s done, you’ll be able to enjoy the passive income of your product for years to come.

Partner with Influencer Networks

There’s a been a steady rise in companies that connect influencers with brands. If you have an interest in working with companies, consider partnering with an influencer network. The network will provide you with opportunities to work with brands on specific campaigns that can result in free product and/or payment.  A few networks to consider include Influenster, Tap Influence, and Linqia.

What goals have you set for your brand in 2017? Tell us in the comments and let’s continue the conversation.

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1 Comment

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