5 Tumblrs That Celebrate Women of Color

As our loyal readers know, we love tumbling images of hope, strength, bauce-yness and inspiration. But what we love more is celebrating the beauty of black women. We’re sharing with you some of our devout tumblr loves that are dedicated to showcasing the wide-range gorgeousness of colored girls. From the darkest shades to the lightest skins, black women don a beauty that is exceedingly radiant in comparison to our counterparts. Our ethnic rainbow is apparent and stunningly beautiful. We hope you’ll add these sites to your “following” list.

Black Girls R Pretty 2


This blog depicts women of every shade and also curates both pop culture and historical images. Check out the blog here.

Dark & Lovely


This blog is one of the originators of the “darker girls are pretty too” movement. Images showcased are of dark-skinned black girls, women who are often under recognized in mainstream media and society. Check out the blog here.



Black women exist outside of the States of course and this blog sheds a global perspective on the beauty of black females. Showcasing females from the mother continent, this tumblr provides a constant update on trending style and beauty for the African diaspora. Check out the blog here.

Black Beautiful & Famous


It’s all the celebs we love to love. Get your fab and famous fill-up on black women all in one-place. Check out the blog here. 

I Love Box Braids


Although this blog is dedicated to the quintessential ethnic hair style — box braids — it is uplifting with its dedicated following of black girls who love or are transitioning to natural hair. Check out the blog here. 

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