5 Tips From Tracee Ellis Ross On How To Be A BAUCE And Make Time For Yourself!

BAUCE was in the building for this year’s Teen Vogue Summit – the first virtual experience in the magazine’s 3-year history of putting on the star-studded event!

Although some of us may be all virtual summited out, Teen Vogue managed to make the experience fun and exciting with exclusive chats with BAUCES like Tracee Ellis Ross and the executive producer of  CW’s All American Nkechi Okor Carroll. Participants could even partake in virtual photo booths and catch beauty tips from Selena Gomez.

Out of all of the events, a personal favorite was “Ready, Ross Rewind: A Look at 2020 with Tracee Ellis Ross! Ross (my BFF in my head) has managed to remain a household name over the years through her iconic roles like Joan in the beloved series, “Girlfriends” and by empowering us through fashion and her eclectic taste in all things style, hair, and beauty.

Check out these 5 takeaways on how Ross manages to find her  “me” time and still manage to be a BAUCE woman:

Time is elastic

Ross stresses that although we all may have the same 24 hours, how we manage it is what will really set you apart from the rest.

Work smarter not harder

This is pretty self-explanatory but she reminds us that it’s okay to have your hands on several projects at once, but to have a plan so that you don’t become overwhelmed with all that you do.

Balance is key

I do work a lot, but I do get my sleep,” Ross expressed. “I think the key for me is a couple [of] things: Being organized, sticking to a schedule, but scheduling time in to just be, and having a bomb squad or team around you who allows you the freedom to be yourself, but will keep you in line at the same time!

Find joy in everything that you do

 Whether she’s working out, relaxing by the pool, or on set filming for her hit show “Black-ish”, Ross says it’s imperative for her to appreciate the beauty in everything that she does.

Remaining positive no matter what, but allowing yourself the grace to feel how you feel

I actually try my best to meet myself where I am,” Ross expressed. “I don’t necessarily post my gloomy blue days, but I have them like everybody else.” She shares that the key for her to maintain that positive energy happens to be through spiritual practices and having a “real gentle and kind relationship” with herself.

An inspiration to us all, Tracee Ellis Ross, came through with the gems during the Teen Vogue 2020 Summit and we’re thrilled that we got to experience it, to continue to keep up with all things Ross, follow her on the gram here.

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