5 Must-Have Trinkets For Your Hair

Having the right hair accessories can be the difference between a rough morning and smooth sailing. Here are five essential hair pieces that we recommend you pic up on your next beauty shopping trip!

The Donut Bun

donut bun


With the donut bun, you can create an easy style in less than 5 minutes. It can do done with all hair types making it the perfect quick go-to style. For a more personalized look, add bangs or an upside down french braid.





This is an amazing hair accessory especially if you have natural hair. In addition to being able to style your hair in minutes, it helps ‘contain’ any loose curls.


Bobby Pins


Bobby pins are and always will be your best friend. They assist in all hairstyles.

Hair Comb



The hair comb can be used to create the perfect pompadour or to just hold parts of your hair up for an asymmetrical look.


Bear Claw Clip




The bear claw clip makes the perfect substitute for a rubberband. It adds an extra flair to your side ponytail.


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