5 Must Have Features For A Modern Hair Straightener

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Now, it’s a fact that the type and quality of a flat iron greatly determine the outcome of a hairstyle and look. And that’s whyit’s always wise to take your time when shopping for them. Obviously, the last thing you need right now is to spend money on a bad tool; i.e. something that won’t work efficiently or can cause damage to your hair. Right?

So, how do you avoid making a bad hair straightener purchase? Well, features are a great place to start. Note that these hairstyling tools come with a variety of functions. Designed to make the tool easy and worth using. 

Anyway, in this post, I’ll walk you through vital safety and performance features to look out for. Most of which have been derived from the best BaByliss straightener on the market today. Let’s get started. 

1. A Power Indicator Light Is A Must!

I know, this is a pretty obvious feature. But I have to mention it for the sake of safety. When shopping around for a hair straightener, look out for an indicator that shows you when the tool is On or Off. This is especially important if you are forgetful like me. 

For most people, the lack of a power indicator light increases your chances of forgetting to switch off the straightenerAnd that’s something that can easily lead to a fire or high power bills. Get it?

2. An Auto Shut-Off Feature

This feature can work as a substitute for the light indicator. In fact, straighteners with an auto shut-off functionality are safer and more convenient. Because you won’t have to stress much about whether or not you switched off or unplugged your straightener

Awesome, right? And if that’s not good enough, consider power usage. This feature also ensures that power isn’t wasted when the flat iron isn’t in use. So, it’s not only safer but also cost-effective in terms of electricity usage. 

3. A Temperature Reader

Now, when it comes to making temperature adjustments, it’s hard to get it right without an LED display reader. That’s why this is one of the best features found in hair straighteners. Without it, you risk overheating the plates and, consequently, burning your hair in the process. You don’t want that, do you?

Well, consider getting a straightener with a temperature display. That way it will be easier to regulate temperature and achieve ideal levels based on the hair type and intended hairstyle/effect.

4. Good Quality Plate Materials

Making sure your straightener has the right plates is also something worth your consideration. Why? Well, that’s because the plate materials greatly determine the quality of styling, convenience, and safety of the flat iron

Going for a low-end straightener could end in hair damage and uneven styling. Usually, as a result of poor heat distribution, hot spots, and improper heating. Now, in case this is confusing for you, when looking for a straightener, remember this. For thin hair, look for one with ceramic plates, but for coarse hair, titanium plates are the best

5. A Swivel Cord is an Added Advantage

Hair straighteners come with different cords. However, having one with a swivel cord gives you more flexibility and reduces the chances of the cord getting damaged. This also means that you can move it around your head comfortably without the cord getting tangled

In conclusion, I believe that using low-quality flat irons (styling tools) should also be listed as an unhealthy hair habit. Why? Because it puts your hair at risk of damage and breakage. Therefore, as you go shopping, ensure you pick the one with most of the features above; or, at least, the ones that fit your needs.

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