Beware of the Late-Night Binge

brownieThey say in the morning eat like an empress. Translation: pack on the eggs, sausage, and pancakes Patty. In the afternoon eat like a princess. Translation: be a modest mademoiselle and enjoy that tuna on rye, carrot sticks, and water. At night eat like a pauper. Translation: eat like you’re broke as a joke so sip on that tomato soup.  But what about when you’ve got that 1am craving for a little something something? I say, eat like you’re smart.

If you find yourself needing a little something sweet, or salty, and it’s not time for breakfast you may want to try eating…

    • Small portions. Remember, you’re getting a snack, not a smorgasbord. So whatever you are going to eat, make sure the portion is small. If you need help with small, keep your kitchen stocked with pre-proportioned meals like fruit snacks, Pringles Snackers, snack size microwave popcorn, boxes of raisins, instant oatmeal, etc.
    • What you planned for a moment like this. If you are a snacker in general, it is helpful to not only stay stocked with snacks, but to plan ahead. All of your snacks don’t have to be store bought and prepackaged. You can make a few things ahead of time that are for eating later. Cut up a few chunks of cheese and put it in a sandwich bag. Put a serving of almonds in a sandwich bag and grab that bag off the shelf as you make your way back to bed. Put a serving of cottage cheese in a dish, cover it. Next, wash off whatever fruit you intend to eat with the cottage cheese and place it next to that dish. If you plan ahead for your craving, you’re less likely to open the fridge or cabinets and overdo it.  No bellyaching in the morning.
    • Like you don’t want to undo the healthy eating you did all day. Just because it’s late, dark, and the rest of your house is asleep does not mean you can eat out of the ice cream container, make a three waffle and whipped cream sandwich, or guzzle down the remaining half of the two-liter Pepsi (even if it is diet). There is no point in eating well all day to eat poorly in the middle of the night. Had an apple earlier? Have another. No one got diabetes or hypertension for eating more than one apple within 24 hours. Need something salty? Get a few pretzels or have that air popped popcorn you made earlier (because you planned for this moment) and add a dash (one shake, don’t make it rain, make it drizzle) of salt.
    • Foods that will make you feel full but won’t make you look full. If you just want that pleasantly full feeling that you had about six hours ago just after dinner, try a small bowl of whole grain cereal, oatmeal, or Greek yogurt. Such foods have enough fiber and protein to give you that full feeling you were looking for. Remember to eat the recommended serving size.
    • Or try drinking water or a smoothie. Water has a way of making us feel full. So try a glass of water and see how that works for you. If it doesn’t, then try one of the snacks mentioned above. If water isn’t what you were wanting because you’re hungry, not parched; try a smoothie. Unless you’re living solo or you’re trying to have a mini house party at 1am in the kitchen, I’d recommend making the smoothie earlier and putting it in the fridge. Most smoothies just require you blending together the fruits you love, yogurt, and ice. Or, you can add the fruits you love, the veggies you love, and ice. Or you can even forgo the yogurt, add the fruits (or veggies) you love and some fruit juice and ice. If that’s too much, check the freezer aisle of your local grocery store for pre made pre measured smoothies, follow the directions, and enjoy.

Eat well, whenever you choose to eat. Bauces know their bodies work best when they are well cared for, so try the tips above to do just that.

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