5 Best Things to Do on the Amalfi Coast


You can see the Amalfi Coast and can experience it in manyways. It depends on your preference, though. Do you travel for adventure, comfort or with a tight itinerary – planning to see and experience everything to make sure it is your money’s worth? Well, you can be one of those travellers and not regret a single thing you do on the Amalfi coast.  

Those travelling for the mere experience of a marvellousadventure can do so by traversing the several scenic hiking trails that snake beautifully throughout the region. On the other hand, those seeking relaxation only can find glorious Amalfi Coast villas for rent while enjoying a hundred beaches available in the region. It is a remarkable experience that you will not regret investing in.  

List of Places to Visit and Things to Do on the Amalfi Coast

 1. Amalfi Drive 

One of the convenient ways to sightsee on the Amalfi Coast is taking the infamous road trip known as Amalfi Drive – also called SS163. It is, without a doubt, one of the most delightful ways you can sightsee. The 48 kilometres of coastline in Italy are incredibly high on the list of the top tourist attractions in Italy. 

You do not even need to drive it yourself if you want to relax and enjoy the attractions without having to worry about the long drive while keeping your attention strictly on the road. The most common alternative is to take the comfortable bus. These buses run frequently and have many stops in towns. You can easily explore the towns while getting sufficient time to admire the carved cliffs already fashioned by bottomless canyons.

 2. Amalfi Coast Hiking 

Although the Amalfi Coast is the type of place where one would think it is time just to lay back, relax and lose yourself in the remarkable scenery. But, if you did that, you would miss out on all the adventure the Amalfi Coast offers. In between the coast’s numerous villages are many pretty pathways and trails that require exploring. There is a bevvy of hikes that differ in distance and level of difficulty. However, one of the publicly celebrated pathways is the Il Vallone DelleFerriere. Travellers highly praise the 4-mile path for its picturesque environment. Also, you can discover a bird’s-eye view of Positano, where the trail finally ends.  

3. Positano

Positano is everything that you would dream of the Amalfi Coast to be. So if you find yourself on a tight itinerary, then make sure to prioritise Positano. The bright and colourfularchitecture, along with the luxurious amenities, is quintessentially Amalfi. The gushing cliffs with yachts and boats docked on waters; slim lanes lined with boutiques. And of all the towns on the coast, Positano provides to guests the most.

 4. Fiordo di Furore

The Amalfi Coast has an abundance of beaches. This makes it impossible to decide which ones to visit. Nevertheless, if you were to make a choice, you should choose Fiordo di Furore. It is interesting geologically. The Amalfi Highway interlinks the two sides of the fjord through a bridge, becoming the beach’s focal point and its point of entry. The visitors can both take a dip and admire the neighbouring scenery or traverse the other tracks found at the beach. 

5. Amalfi Boat Tours 

As mentioned before, if you can tolerate the sea for a period of time, you should consider taking boat tours. You can see the best views from the ocean, where one can appreciate the unblocked sights of the coast’s remarkable cliffs, impressive vegetation and colourful architecture. Taking a ferry is the most cost-effective way to see Amalfi. 

Final Word

You can enjoy the beautiful sea from the various cliffsidehotels, villas, and the lookout points in the region. However, getting up close and intimate with the natural elements of Amalfi’s magnificent area is one thing you will not regret.

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