4 Ways To Simplify Your Morning Routine And Have A More Productive Day

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Waking up is hard to do, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar unless they have managed to perfect their morning routine in ways that still elude most people. So, how can you make the most of your morning and start the day the right way?. If you’re sick of running late, rushing to the train or through traffic, and getting to work flustered, here are four ways you can simplify your morning. 

Arrange Everything You Need The Night Before 

From your breakfast and lunch to your outfit and hair stylers (if you’re planning on trying a new style tomorrow), arranging everything you need for the next day the night before will shave precious minutes off your morning routine, meaning you can slow down and feel like you’re ready for the day. You can make this night-before routine even more successful by writing out a list of everything you need, and this will ensure you don’t forget anything. 

Stay Away From Your Phone Until You’re Dressed 

If you’re anything like most people who use their phones as alarms, you know how easy it is to reach over, switch it off, and then start your day by scrolling through your notifications or social media feed. However, this can be a huge time drain, and even if you give yourself x-amount of time, whether that’s five minutes, ten minutes, or more, you will inevitably go over that time, which you could have spent showering and getting ready. Instead, keep your phone away from you until you’ve showered, dressed, and groomed to make sure you get all the essential things out of the way first. 

Organize Your Hallway 

Anyone who lives somewhere that the seasons and weather can change in an instant will know that there’s plenty of stress involved with rushing around looking for your winter coat, gloves, or your umbrella. To overcome this, you can organize your hallway and bring in everything you think you’ll need once the weather starts to turn. This means you won’t forget to grab it as you run out the door and helps keep you warm, dry, or a little of both during your day. 

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Make The Most Of Sunshine 

Sunshine is a natural alarm, so make sure you let in as much natural light as possible once you wake up. Open the blinds and the window to let the fresh air in, and you’ll immediately feel more awake. Of course, this can be an issue during winter, with shorter days and later sunrises. The alternative is to consider wake-uplights, which will gradually brighten, mimicking the sunrise rather than snatching you from your REM sleep like flicking the bedside lamp or main bedroom lights will do. 

Start the Day Your Way 

While it might take a few days or even a few weeks to get to grips with your brand new simplified morning routine, you’ll soon start to see the benefits once everything balances out. Eventually, you will be more organized and energized, making every day one that you can look forward to. 

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