4 Reasons To Purchase A Vape This Summer

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Vaping is all the rage at the moment: it’s a great alternative to smoking, healthier, less addictive and better for your lungs. With summer coming up and the weather getting warmer, many people are starting to smoke more – whether that be at the pub or in the park with some friends. Sometimes, with everyone smoking around you, it feels impossible to resist the temptation. It’s often hard not to cave into having a cigarette when you are surrounded by smokers. However, there’s an easy way to avoid smoking nasty cigarettes – vaping! Read on to find out why switching to vaping could be the best choice you make this year.

It’s Cleaner 

Vaping is cleaner in every way. When you are vaping, you are simply breathing in hot water vapour into your lungs rather than the tar that is part of smoking tobacco. Vaping doesn’t leave your clothes and hair smelling gross either – vaping liquids actually smell very pleasant and won’t leave an odour on you after smoking. Whilst smoking can often stain your teeth and make your breath smell, vaping has none of these side effects so you don’t need to worry about changing your clothes or chewing gum after vaping. 

One of the most common complaints about smokers is that it is socially intrusive – whether this be someone stinking of cigarette smoke, having smelly breath or blowing nasty smelling smoke into someone’s face – many people often find cigarette smoking socially off putting. If you want to avoid being judged socially for your decision to smoke then vaping is a great option. You can smoke to your heart’s content without worrying about how your habit is affecting those around you. Many people actually comment on how nice many vape liquids smell! 

There’s Endless Choice

Smoking is often monotonous and boring – every time you smoke it is exactly the same. The act of smoking and the relaxation associated with it might be enjoyable but, if you’ve ever been a smoker, have you stopped and asked yourself whether you really enjoy the taste and smell or the substances you are inhaling? In contrast to the smell of cigarette smoke, vape liquids smell very pleasant. You can buy vape liquids in a multitude of different flavours and every day there are more and more vape liquid flavours being put on the market. 

Whether you want something more herbal, something fresh or something sweet, there will be a vape liquid flavour out there for you. If you want to check out all the best vape flavours as well as read a guide on what exactly to think about when purchasing your next batch of vape liquids then head on over to AquaVape. Due to their huge choice and how easy it is to buy vape liquids, you can regularly change what flavours you are smoking – switching it up is fun and exciting and means that you’ll never get bored!

It’s a Great Way to Stop Smoking

We all know how hard it can be to stop smoking. Smoking is highly addictive and can quickly become a tool that you use to destress and relax. The nicotine in cigarettes means that it’s easy to get hooked and very hard to give up, especially if you are going cold turkey. Quitting smoking can also be really hard because of the social aspect involved – smoking is often a way of bonding with your co-workers or friends. Many people enjoy having a chat over smoking a cigarette and it can be hard when you try and quit and notice this gap in your social life. Buying a vape can ease the transition between smoking cigarettes and quitting cold turkey since vaping means that you can go out for a smoke with your colleagues and not feel like you are just standing there with nothing to do. 

Vaping also means that those pesky nicotine cravings are kept in check and that you aren’t tempted to go back to cigarettes. Vaping provides the stress relief and the nicotine hit of cigarettes but without the harmful toxins and tar that you are breathing in. If you’ve been wanting to stop smoking cigarettes and have tried everything, from going cold turkey to wearing nicotine patches, then consider buying a vape. It will satiate your cravings whilst ensuring you’re not going back to smoking cigarettes. 

It’s Cost Effective

Smoking is notoriously expensive. If you’ve ever smoked cigarettes, you know that buying cigarettes can really add up and, if you are a regular smoker, it can really make a dent into your weekly budget. Vaping is more cost efficient than smoking cigarettes – when you are vaping, you’ll need to buy a vaping device which can seem a like more of a big investment when you could easily buy a pack of cigarettes but, once you have bought the vape itself, you have got your smoking device for life and there’s no need to replace it (provided you properly maintain it). 

Once you have bought your vaping device, all you really need to buy are the vaping liquids themselves. These too can last a lot longer than cigarettes. When you are smoking, you generally tend to light cigarettes and then smoke the whole thing in one go. With vaping, there is no time pressure to smoke a lot before it burns out so you can really take your time. This is another reason why vaping is such a good transition when you are trying to quit smoking. You can simply have a few puffs of your vape whenever you feel the urge to and otherwise leave it in your pocket. This means you will never inhale more than you want to and gives you ultimate control over your nicotine intake. 

Many people feel as though they can’t waste cigarettes and must smoke the whole thing once they have started due to the price point. This can lead to you inhaling more smoke and consuming more nicotine than you otherwise would have. Instead, take control of your smoking habit and buy a vape today. 

This summer could be the summer when you switch from smoking cigarettes to smoking a vape. Healthier, cleaner, tastier and more pleasant for those around you, vaping is the ultimate option for anyone looking to reduce and completely cut out their cigarette consumption. We all know how hard it can be to cut out smoking and go completely cold turkey, so don’t be too hard on yourself if this isn’t a manageable step for you yet. Buying a vape and slowly transitioning to smoking less is always better for your health than smoking cigarettes. 

As the weather gets warmer and you’re spending more time outside and being more social, the urge to smoke can be more present than ever. It’s hard to completely cut out the social aspect that comes with smoking, but if you still want to chat to your colleagues or co-workers in their smoking break, then purchasing a vape can be a great way to do this without fuelling a dangerous habit. Overall, vaping is a greatalternative to smoking cigarettes and a great lifestyle transition to make this summer!

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