4 Reasons Daily Attendance Shouldn’t Be Obligatory In College

Many young people hate to study. They get enough of learning at school, and after their parents tell they should go to a college, they grow desperate or quite angry. It goes beyond all doubts that education is important and helps to gain the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills. However, some people argue the need to attend college classes. How can we not attend classes?

They propose to miss most classes and attend only the ones they like or consider to be vital for them. Is there any reasoning for this statement? We have tried to analyze the situation and have found several reasons to prove the theory.

Personal Reasons

The first thing that occurs to the mind in this situation is to say – life happens! Everybody knows how often the private life of a student interferes with their studies. There happen all kinds of events, fortunate and grievous, that negatively affect the learning process.

Teenagers live through rapid changes, which can be rarely controlled. They are vulnerable to emotional impacts and can easily give up. They may have problems inside the family, with their friends and beloved. When emergencies take place, they should have the full right to skip classes.

Problems with Health

Another reason why college attendance shouldn’t be mandatory is our health. Teens are predisposed to a lot of stress. Due to their young age, they find it difficult to resist stressful events associated with learning.

They have to withstand a lot of challenges. Every student has to compose a great variety of assignments, and some of them are overly complex. Their parents and professors demand constant progress. This increases mental pressure and leads to negative emotions (anxiety, nervousness, aggression, etc.). That’s why it’s fair enough to miss classes when they are too much.

I Pay for It!

Not all students receive scholarships. As a result, they have to pay a college to study there. What do we have in under such conditions? A student is obliged to compose multiple assignments and succeed. Those assignments are very difficult and take away a lot of precious time. In addition, a student receives tons of stress. So, should students risk their health and waste time on academic tasks and duties?

Students who don’t have to pay should, perhaps, attend all the classes. What about those who pay? They feel great mental pressure, and professors may be strict if students aren’t able to complete some tasks. It doesn’t seem to be fair at all. Youngsters should spend their money the way they want. After all, if you cannot cope with some especially difficult task, you may simply buy essay online.

Not All Classes Are Useful

There is one more reason to skip at least some classes. Not all materials are useful for students. The curriculum of every course seems to cram all possible subjects in a single set. However, how many of those subjects are really necessary? Some of them have only some distant relation to the majors you have chosen. Therefore, why should you attend them?

Some professors give ugly lectures. Students learn nothing because they were given the materials inappropriately. After all, students may easily read the materials at home instead of listening to how somebody else reads them. It’s necessary to attend only valuable lectures.

As you can see, there are at least four good reasons that justify the proposition to miss seminars and lectures you don’t like. However, will you be a real expert in your specification if you miss them? It’s a good question, and you should ponder upon it before you make the final decision.

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