4 Hairstyles That Will Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Summertime brings to mind many things: ice cream truck jingles, fireworks, swimming pools and endless Saturdays spent on the beach. The thought that also crosses our minds is that dreaded humidity and what it will do to our hair. If you live anywhere on the east coast then you know all about the warm wet blanket that seems to cling to everything and everyone like a Snuggie from hell. Once that thick July heat settles in, the last thing most of us are thinking about doing is standing in front of a mirror with an even hotter flat-iron trying to press away those stubborn frizzies.  This year give your follicles a break with these four versatile hairstyles that are sure to keep you cool, stylish and frizz free.


4 Summer Hairstyles 2


The Pixie Cut. My personal favorite, this super short cut not only gets rid of dead unhealthy hair but also relieves your head of the extra weight of longer hair. The pixie cut is perfect for hot humid days. With your neck exposed you’ll feel a lot cooler. It’s not only the perfect opportunity to step up your cute hat game but for those truly lazy days all that’s required is a bit of gel a brush and you’re ready for the day.

Poetry in Motion. A fad from the 90’s that’s making a comeback just in time for the summer months are the poetic justice braids. This protective style is perfect if you like to spend a lot of time in the sun or at the pool. These Jumbo style box braids not only protect your hair from seasonal damage but there is no need for heating appliances and once you’re out of the pool they can be rinsed to remove all that harmful chlorine.

A Twist Will Do. An alternative to braids or short cuts is this stylish up do that can be worn both to a classy dinner or while playing a game of baseball with your nieces and nephews. Because this is an updo your neck is exposed allowing for that cool breezy feeling. This style is also the perfect opportunity to showcase earrings, as this hairstyle will draw attention to your face and ears.

Oh, Those Curls. If staying away from heat appliances proves to be too much and those frizzies won’t seem to go away pin curls might be the trick for you. Without touching a curling iron or flatiron, this style can be achieved with rollers put in your hair the night before and taken out in the morning. Pin curls are perfect for natural hairstyles because they leave your natural curls even tighter, making them last longer.

This year when the heat starts to kick in and the pool starts calling your name, why not try one of these four stylish summer dos and be cool all season long?

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