4 Easy Ways To Design Your Space Like a Luxury Condo

Luxury living is an aspiration most people wish to have. Luxury homes, apartments, and condominiums alike offer inspiration for styles to your space. People’s ideals of what makes a place luxurious depends on their style and taste. Everyone may have a different idea of what makes luxury. Maybe it’s the price tag on the large sculpture or the quality of a product, but anyone can take inspiration and adapt certain aspects to their own budget. 

There are certain aspects that are very easy to adapt and also change your entire space. Here are the top four things to change in your space to get that luxury condo look.

Change lighting fixtures and lampshades 

Maybe it’s time to change your lighting in your space. If you don’t have lamps, maybe adding some new light fixtures with different shapes and sizes could add to your room as a way to decorate your home. 

If you already have lamps, maybe you should change the lampshades as a way to change the look of the room. You can get them in different shapes and colors that could change the look of your room. Either way, you can add a bit of a new style by something as simple as a lampshade. 

Add paintings to your space

Have you been admiring a local artist from afar or like to paint for fun? This could be your time to show your skills and create something unique for your space or the perfect time to begin that collection of your favorite local artist. 

Whatever route you choose, it can be the start of taking charge of your own personal style. Buying A1 Prints of art is a great place to start. If you do find a piece that speaks to you, you can enlarge it for a room. A large piece can go a long way because it makes a statement for the room while also not cluttering it with multiple pieces. 

Add ornate wall backsplash to your kitchen 

The idea of changing something permanently could be intimidating to most. It’s best to start small with potential changes before deciding to make any big changes. Removable wallpaper accents and decals could be a great way to change a minor piece of a room and can easily be changed when you’re tired of the same old style. You can find some of these as decals from small businesses on Etsy or even bigger businesses like Chasing Paper that holds multitudes of designs. 

Paint an accent wall 

The best way to achieve luxury is simplicity and minimalism. Most celebrities have very simple patterns and designs throughout their house with very quality items highlighting the richness of the home. 

An idea to take from them is the idea of an accent wall. When you choose one color for one wall in a room, you determine the vibe or the essence of the room. If it’s a bright yellow wall, it can make your room feel lighter, sunnier, or even just a cozier feeling. An accent wall makes an entire room feel much larger and breaks up the pattern of a single color to a room. 

Aside from changing certain aspects of your place, maybe go online and search for condos in your area that can give you inspiration to your ideal style you’re going for. Whatever you choose to do with your space, there are many simple ways to make your space a more luxurious space. 

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