3 Important Things That You Need To Hire For An Event

3 things that you need to hire for an event

To run an event, most companies in this business will not have a stock of items that are needed for an occasion, but instead, hire them out as and when required. We shall explore three things that an event organiser will consider essential to most occasions. From portaloo hire to making sure that there are enough round or square tables for all the guests to dine at.

Portable Toilets

The choice of portable toilet(s) will be dependent on the type of event, and therefore the type of guests, and on the weather. Whether the guests have children, or might have children, will determine if some units are required with baby changing facilities. An event organiser will want to make sure that this portable unit can withstand the weather. More portable toilets will be required in cold weather because it does seem to promote bladder activity. Biologically, your body responds to cold weather by redirecting your blood to the core to create warmth. During this process, the kidneys release additional fluid that stabilises the pressure. It is this process which boosts production of urine and gives you the urge to want to go to the toilet more in winter. The effect of this requires consideration when determining the number of portable toilets that are required at situations such as weddings, business conferences, and where workers are using them at a construction site. A larger area will require more portable toilets so that the guests or workers are not walking too great a distance to them. It is about convenience and pleasing everyone. At events it is useful to place extra toilets near to where the food and drink outlets are. Overnight or muddy events may require wash facilities to be hired along with the portable toilets. These can often be supplied by the same companies who hire out the portaloos.


Many events will require a facility for making drinks. Coffee is a particular favourite among guests. A drinks station might include a coffee machine, or heated containers full of hot water, many jars of coffee, and plenty of mugs. All of which can be hired. Guests will want their drinks to be hot, particularly if it is cold. Although, coffee is a popular drink any time of the year. A supply of tea as the alternative and cold drinks may also be necessary to please everyone. Ice may be required to keep drinks cold at a summer event. Also, a bin should be provided so that nothing ends up on the floor – such as tea bags or empty sugar packets. In terms of food, a catering firm can be hired who will provide the meals and the waitering service.


Tables with a nice cloth can provide a wonderful aesthetic for an event. For more information on tables, there is an article that you can read. As a minimum to add to them, you will need cutlery and plates, including one for the main meal, a side plate, and a bowl for the dessert. Napkins should be provided not just for the messy eaters but as a nice touch. Centrepieces on tables add a nice feature and can be themed to an event. At a wedding, the bride and groom will want a say in these. Condiments should be considered, although the catering team should provide them. In terms of the number, direction, and type of tables required, it will depend on how well you need to make use of the space available and whether guests need to be able to see a presentation taking place centre stage. For dining, round tables seem to suit most occasions. In terms of the square or round debate, a square table might seem the best solution for a small square room but a round table is the perfect shape for small gatherings, because it means that everyone can see each other and that conversations ae easier to carry on. It creates a particularly cosy and intimate atmosphere.

So, if putting on an event, there is much to think of, but do not forget to order enough portaloos, guests have needs beyond eating, drinking, and chatting.

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