3 Crucial Support Services That Military Families Are Eligible To Use

Military families are eligible for a variety of specialized support services. 

Unfortunately, last year more than a third of military families said that they have no one to ask a favor of, which is wholly unacceptable. It is hard to imagine the situation has improved, particularly after the coronavirus has complicated all manner of things around the world for more than a year now. 

If you belong to a military household, then you must remember that help is out there. Learn all about the most crucial support services that can help you after returning home.  

Veterans Affairs Loans

After careers spent moving from one place to the next, some military families avoid fully committing to a home for as long possible. 

However, if the prospect of settling permanently is now looking more real, you should consider financial support that is backed, or guaranteed, by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Browse the Hero Loan website to review VA loan rates today. Afterward, you will be able to purchase a property more affordably or refinance an existing mortgage at your leisure. Remember, there are no prepayment penalties, and you can enjoy lower interest rates under these terms also. 

You should consider these services also if you, your partner, or your spouse are on active duty also. Additionally, your military family must occupy the property for the specified amount of time after closing on the loan, so you cannot use this loan as the beginnings of a landlord portfolio. You must also have a satisfactory credit history also, so be sure to practice positive financial behaviors if your family is anticipating using this service in future. 

Personalized Family and Relationship Counselling 

Military families must overcome a series of mental and emotional challenges while their loved ones are on active duty. 

You must anticipate a variety of reactions to these circumstances. Across your family, there may be feelings of sadness, concern, or even resentment if the loved one’s service is a source of strain. Try to get ahead of these complex feelings, and you will stand a much better chance of keeping them in check. 

Consider personalized family and relationship counselling. This is the type of help that MilitaryOneSource from the U.S Department of Defence provide, advising on how to nurture positive relationships alongside all the demands that being a military family brings. Whether you read their online literature or contact them directly, make sure to reach out when you are struggling. Browse their content, and you will realize that there is always something you can do to better things. 

Self-Service Portals 

Online databases make it easier for users to access vital information. 

Use self-service portals such as milConnect, and you will find it easier to view your health care coverage, manage resources and benefits, and secure additional copies of your official military personnel file. Other admin can be organized also by updating your personal information on file, obtaining proof of important documentation, and transferring educational benefits too. 

Make a self-service portal an anchor point for stress-relief. You can use this service not only as a tool, but as a reminder of the magnitude of help that is available to you and your military family. Life is simpler when all you need is in one place. 

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