16 Ways to Ruin Your Interview

Heading into another round of interviews? Maybe you’re going for your first one? Make sure you avoid these common mistakes to keep your choices growing upwards for that new job or internship!

1.) Being late – Entering late for a job interview is not a good sign for the person looking to hire someone. This could be the start of a long list of excuses.

2.) Not doing your homework. Things can be sprung upon you in a job interview. There could be an aptitude test or a test in your field of expertise. Be prepared. Ask questions to any older employees of company. Research the job requirements and what is expected of you.

3.) Not dressing for the part. Going in jeans for a corporate job will just highlight the rebel in you. A rebel who finds it difficult to stick to routines and follow orders.

4.) Don’t respect the guy asking the questions. – Any form of disrespect shown at the time of the interview will be a great mistake and will not give you any brownie points whatsoever.

5.) Partying the night before. This won’t help you either. Imagine dozing off or asking for coffee, when you should be on high alert. Giving the wrong or confused answers to the right questions because you are a bundle of nerves is not how it should end.

6.) Don’t have a ‘can do’ attitude. – Do not stress on the tasks that cannot be performed. Instead stress on the more positive qualities that bring out the best in you. Bring out your sportsmanship. Show how you helped in the last projects. Communicate about your contributions in the past and how you will be able to do it for them.

7.) Laying down conditions – such as time, or kinds of projects. – They need you as much as you need them, but you need to be able to get the job done. If you lay conditions, you are laying precedents for an unsuccessful interview. If there is something urgent, impress them first, at the end of the interview, bring it out, casually, like you have a child to pick up at 5 but you could possibly work from home after or so. Give them options. Ask, instead of demanding or stating.

8.) Praising yourself – There is a thin line between bragging and praising, praise yourself but don’t overdo it. Use less of ‘I’ and more of ‘You’.

9.) Don’t question them at all – This shows that you may not be so interested. Showing interest, asking them about their work and company will give you more insight into the workings of the company as well as display your level of research.

10.) Wrong body language – Slacking while sitting, shifting too much, looking at your watch are all signs of a restless soul, someone who will not be hired.

11.) Indicating that you are not a team player – Working with other people is crucial to any work environment. If you are not able to deal with other personality types, don’t say it in the interview.

12.) Using humor – Being funny is a tact acquired over a period of time. If you don’t have it, don’t use it and definitely don’t overdo it.

13.) Bad projects or jobs – Talking about your previous job in a bad light will not leave a good impression upon your new boss to be.

14.) Don’t drop names – Dropping names every now and then will not impress anybody leave alone the interviewer.

15.) Using un-courteous language – Foul language used badly will reflect badly on your personality.

16.) Bargaining – Getting too keen about the salary early on in the interview is a sure sign of a failed interview. Bargaining on the terms and conditions of the salary will not help either. And throwing hints about other job offers is a definite no-no.


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