12 Rules and Tips for Successful, Comprehensive Promotion of YouTube (Increase in Likes, Views, Subscribers)

YouTube remains an exceedingly popular platform, and there are all kinds of companies and individuals who use it for promotion and profit. If you’re running a channel for your business and want to see your YouTube videos rack up as much engagement as possible, you should know there are companies through which you might purchase likes, subscribers, and views. In addition, there are several proven techniques that are virtually guaranteed to stimulate growth within your niche.

We will go over a few of them briefly in this article. After you’re finished reading about them, you should consider which ones are most likely to benefit you based on your particular video content and business model. 

A Unique Brand Voice is the Ideal Starting Point

Establishing a voice for your brand before you start posting content on this platform is perhaps one of the more vital choices you can make. You might want your brand voice to be:

  • Funny or quirky
  • Nostalgic
  • Informative or authoritative
  • Charming
  • Edgy

Your brand voice needs to reflect the kind of company or entity you want to be. If you can’t nail the right voice for your content, it’s going to be a lot more challenging for you to attract the right kinds of viewers.

Always Avoid Derivative Content

It’s almost a certainty that there will be others in your niche trying to attract your same customers. It’s also possible that you might sometimes post videos covering some of the same topics.

While that’s unavoidable, if you want to increase product purchase totals and have viewership of your Youtube videos rack up, you’ll need to come up with a way to present content in a unique format. If you can’t do that, and your videos seem too much like what another YouTube channel is producing, your offerings will be met with derision.   

Optimize Your Content with SEO In Mind 

SEO, also called search engine optimization, is definitely one of the primary ways to ensure viewers will find your videos at the top of the YT search engine rankings. SEO often involves picking specific descriptive keywords and keyword phrases that will allow that to happen.

You should look into SEO tools that should help you on this platform. Even if you’re not a specialist in this area, many of these tools are not that difficult to learn how to master.

Topical Content Can Give You a Fast Engagement Boost

You can post evergreen content on social media, meaning that the content should be just as relevant a few years down the line as it is right now. However, you can also use the strategy of writing content for videos that only applies to a current event.

Doing so will often attract some viewers who don’t know about your channel yet. Topical content optimized with keywords can give you a quick, decisive viewership boost that can sometimes lead to sales of your various products and services.

Posting Regularly Will Allow You to Keep Your Fans Interested

One major mistake that some social media content creators make is that they post a video or message, and then they don’t post again for multiple days, weeks, or even months. Simply creating a channel for your messages and then abandoning it isn’t enough.

You need to come up with and adhere to a regular posting schedule. You can always utilize a tool like Hootsuite to help you if you don’t think you can remember how often to post. With the YT platform, posting at least once per week is appropriate.

Substance Generally Pays Off Over Flashy Content or Gimmicks

You can use all kinds of graphics, sound effects, and other gimmicks when you create videos for YT. When someone watches your content, though, they will probably see these techniques for what they are: all flash and no substance.

You want your videos to have some substantive content in them that will captivate your audience. If what you post has a bigger budget but very little value, your viewers will quickly tire of you and your brand.

Hot Takes Can Backfire

Some brands and companies like to try and reach an audience faster by coming up with “hot takes” on current events. That might create some buzz, but it’s also an easy way to create a public relations disaster.

Remember that you’re representing a professional brand when you use social media. If you say something controversial because you feel like it can allow you to trend, that can backfire in a huge way. When it comes to social media, not all publicity is good publicity. 

Research is What Allows You to Reach Your Target Audience 

Sometimes, you might not be sure about what to post. You have to develop video topic ideas based on what you feel certain your viewers will want to see.

You can’t just inherently know that: you need to do research to figure out what your followers like. You can poll them using your other social media accounts, or you can conduct focus groups where you include questionnaires. 

Consider Bringing in Guest Writers to Avoid Content Generation Fatigue 

As someone trying to come up with YT video ideas, you might:

  • Get tired of generating new scripts every week
  • Have other company duties to which you need to attend

If so, consider bringing in a guest writer for your channel sometimes. That way, you’ll get a fresh voice writing content for you, and you can take that week off to focus on other business besides social media.

Remember to Include Tie-Ins to Your Website and Other Social Media Channels 

There are many other social media channels that your business might use, including TickTock, Meta, Instagram, etc. You will also probably have a website for your business.

Remember to tie all your social media channels to one another to create a funnel, and mention your company’s website as well. You always want to make it easy for your viewers to find everything you post and sell.

Promote Without Pandering

When someone visits your YT channel and interacts with it, they know perfectly well that you want them to buy your services and products. That doesn’t mean you have to try and “hard sell” them, though.

Try to promote your products and services in your YT videos without shamelessly pandering to the viewers. You might mention a sale you’re having or a new product that just came out, but then move quickly on to the main video content. 

Allow Your Business’s Personality to Shine Through

If you view content creation on social media as a chore, your viewers will probably pick up on that. Conversely, if you have fun creating videos, your content will likely reflect that.

YT allows you to post videos of any length, and you can choose nearly any kind of content that you feel will best benefit your brand. This is a platform where you can demonstrate what kind of company you’ve created, along with your values and aesthetic. If you forge a connection with your viewers in a meaningful way through your videos, you might be able to encourage the brand loyalty that leads to repeat sales.  

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