10 Websites To Learn English Fast

English is the language of the world, spoken almost anywhere you roam. Plus, in the world of business and academia, it’s the standard gab, opening up a ton of doors for those that speak it natively. For those that are not native, learning English can be challenging, especially if you’re working, studying, and trying to have a bit of a social life too. However, thanks to technology and apps, students can learn right from their smartphones. Below, we have 10 of the best websites that will help you learn English fast so you can travel the world and not let language hold you back. Start today, and speak better English tomorrow. 

1. Amigos Ingleses 

As the name hints, this website is geared toward Spanish speakers learning English. This is perhaps not the best website for beginners, as more resources help learners practice conversation. However, part of learning a language is speaking and listening, which you’re sure to get here. One of the best things about this website is the practice with pronunciation that comes along with it, allowing students to hear and try out real native pronunciations. If you’re thinking, how am I going to find online paper writer in English? This website could be a place to practice with speakers over your topic. 

2. BBC Learning English 

BBC is one of the top apps for students, providing news, resources, and now, language practice. The apps are an excellent resource for learning English, coming with practice in vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Plus, you can learn from current events, including videos and articles, checking your understanding with quizzes and self-tests. 

3. British Council 

British Council is a great website that has a ton of fun materials. For instance, you can find explanations about some of the most complicated English phrases and grammar, taking your understanding to the next level. Also, they offer a forum just in case any students have any questions. Most of the practice is on your own, but they offer resources to help with speaking and listening. 

4. Duolingo 

When it comes to learning a language, Duolingo is one of the best resources out there. It works as a downloadable app that students can add on their smartphone or tablet, learning on the go. From words of the day to practice with reading, listening, and speaking, you’ll find it all with Duolingo. Besides, unlike some of the other resources, Duolingo offers advanced material and keeps track of student’s learning. So, you’ll keep learning and take your skills up each day that you log in and learn. 

5. Flo-joe

Flo-Joe is targeted toward students that are taking an exam. The website has lots of resources to practice, including actual tests to practice. While it’s not a breakthrough learning technology, it’s a website that is full of self-practice to help with any English proficiency test. 

6. Live Mocha 

Live Mocha is a great option for those who are more advanced in their English speaking skills. That’s because it works like a chatroom, pairing up learners of different languages so that they can exchange languages and chat. For instance, if you want to learn English and another learner in England – Spanish, you’ll get paired up and exchange languages for an amount of time that you agree on. Plus, you can practice with people with different accents, mastering different speech types as you improve.  

7. Lyrics Training

Everyone knows that music is a great way to learn new vocabulary and languages. That’s why this helpful website uses songs and lyrics to teach, where students get to sharpen their listening skills along with their vocal cords. There are activities where students fill in the blank, testing their listening and spelling while reading along with the other lyrics that are listed. It’s a fun way to learn and get away from boring books and vocabulary. 

8. News in Levels

If you’re a news person, this is the app for you. It’s got all of the breaking stories in headline news in English. One of the coolest things is that you can choose your preferred level. Listen up to top stories across the globe while improving your English skills as you make your way along your busy morning commute. 

9. Talk English 

This website is fantastic. It’s organized into different English topics, including important things like English for travel and English for business. There are resources for interviews and even resources where you can practice with someone. While you don’t get a lot of listening with this website, you can look over the information and find someone online or in your city to practice with face to face. 

10. TedTalks 

Lastly, one of the best resources for learning English online is Ted. TedTalks are revolutionary and cover a wide range of topics. All of the talks are given by accredited professionals from all over the world. Therefore, you can get practice learning new vocabulary while training your ear to different accents. You can use the website’s options to add subtitles in several languages, making sure that you understand. TedTalks are a great way to learn something new while practicing English. 

Learning English is Easier than Ever Before 

Learning English has never been easier, thanks to all of the fantastic online resources. From apps to websites, podcasts, and more, you can practice without a boring textbook, using many different methods. Work on your listening, speaking, reading, and even prepare for exams if you have to take one. Learning English is not the easiest task, but you’ll speak better and better every day if you keep practicing. Just like learning any language, you’ll need patience and a bit of humor as you laugh at yourself from time to time. Become the native-like speaker you’ve always wanted to be with the help from websites and apps geared at helping students learn English fast! 

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