10 Ways to End Summer Right

In a few weeks, many of us will be getting ready to set into the groove of fall – starting new jobs, going back to school, beginning new opportunities in life. As the long lazy days of summer begin to fade off this month, take a stab at one of our ten tips on how to end your summer right.

1)      Go to the beach and fall asleep under the sun one last time.

2)      Watch a movie during the evening in a park.

3)      Let your tongue go wild from eating an icee or something sweet that you bought from an ice cream truck.

4)      Go bike-riding or walking on a trail that you haven’t explored before.

5)      Tell that special someone how you really feel.

6)      Remember what used to make you smile when you were a child? Tree-climbing? Making mud pies? Origami? Playing with an etch-and-sketch? Be lazy for one afternoon and do just that.

7)      Find a river, a stream, a body of water. Stand next to it and be calm. Reflect and let peaceful thoughts wash over you.

8)      Reconnect with an old friend or mentee. Check in with them and let them know that you’ll be there for them if they need you in the future.

9)      Learn something new – a new trick, a new recipe, a new language. You’ll feel great when you can share something with your friends.

10)   Take on a new hobby. Make it your goal to perform that hobby by the end of the year.

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