10 Useful Tips For A Stress-Free Family Beach Vacation

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There are a few things in life as divine as lazing on the beach, making crumbly sandcastles, and listening to waves crashing. A coastal vacation is a great way to take some much-deserved time off and make lifelong memories with your loved ones. 

However, a beach vacation may end up in disaster without careful planning. Fortunately, we’re sharing our top tips for a stress-free vacation. Let’s dive in.

1. Pick a Family-Friendly Destination

Places like Miami are a magnet for spring breaks and not suitable for a relaxing family vacation. Instead, explore North Carolina, which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and several watersports and other fun activities. Moreover, the state also has historical spots, hiking trails, placid lakes, and more.

2. Book a Vacation Home

A hotel may be your go-to choice, but small rooms can make kids feel cramped up. If your little ones need space to run around, it would be better to book a vacation home. In addition to all the extra space, you may also have access to a private pool, kitchen, and other useful amenities. 

3. Pack Plenty of Sun Protection

There is nothing worse (and painful) than getting sunburned on vacation. Make sure you pack plenty of sun protection as you’ll be spending so much time in the sun. 

Sunscreen should be applied generously at least 30 minutes before going out and should be reapplied every two hours. It’s also a good idea to pack sunglasses and hats for everyone. It’s a common misconception that sunscreen is only required when it’s sunny outside. But you need protection from UV rays even if it’s cloudy.

4. Bring a Sand-Free Beach Bag & Baby Powder

Going to the beach is fun, but dealing with sand isn’t. It gets in your hair and sticks to everything. Buy a sand-free beach bag to avoid bringing residual sand with you. 

Bringing baby powder is another useful hack for removing stubborn sand between toes and other parts of your body. After getting out of the water, dry yourself a bit and then vigorously rub baby powder to remove sticky sand.

5. Get a Waterproof Phone Case

Dropping your phone in the ocean is the last thing you want on vacation. Instead of taking such a risk, protect your phone with a waterproof case. This way, you can go for a swim without worrying about damaging your phone.

6. Beware of Rip Currents

Rip currents are unfavorable for swimming or surfing and can even be dangerous. Before going to the beach, learn to identify rip currents. And if you notice the signs, it’s better to skip getting into the water. It would also be helpful to know how to escape a riptide if you ever get caught in one.

7. Don’t Forget Moisturization

Swimming in the ocean and staying out in the sun strip off moisture from your skin and hair. That’s why, along with sunscreen, we also recommend taking a moisturizing mist and leave-in hair conditioner to the beach. 

8. Rent a Beach Tent or Umbrella

Spending pleasant days on the beach is wonderful, but too much sun exposure can be exhausting. You should consider renting a beach tent or getting a large umbrella to shade your family from direct sunlight. 

9. Pack Extra Clothes & Diapers

Pack extra change of clothes and diapers for the kids. This is particularly important if you are visiting a secluded beach without many stores in the vicinity.

10. Always Carry Drinks & Snacks

Hunger kids end up throwing temper tantrums. Prevent meltdown on the beach by always packing filling snacks and refreshing drinks. It would be best to bring a beach cooler to have chilled drinks on hand.

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