10 Summer Beauty Must-Haves For Your Handbag

You probably already have your summer bucket list planned: attend tons of after-work mixers, go on several blind dates, and a trip to the islands with your best girlfriend from college. With all the time you’ll be spending outdoors under the glaze of the sun, it’s important that you have a portable beauty tray stocked for those unpredictable moments. Stay beautiful this summer by making sure your bag is stocked with our top ten beauty must-haves.


1) Light Scarf – You never know when you’ll end up in a room with a frigid air conditioner or when you’ll underestimate the amount of sweat that may drip from your hairline. Keep a light, small scarf in your handbag that can be converted into a hair tie when needed.

2) Bobby Pins – Keep your flyways and frizzes tamed with good old fashioned bobby pins. These are great for tucking in those pieces of hair that just wont stay down and they’ll keep you from getting that awful hair dent that most elastic tie bands leave behind.

3) Breath Mints – There’s nothing worse than dragon breath. Forgot to swish with mouthwash before you left the house? Eating out at a barbecue and can’t shake the smell of beer from your mouth?. Pack a miniature pack of breathmints in your handbag so your ready for that unexpected kiss at any time.

4) Oil-blotting Sheets – Don’t be that wicked witch of the west whose face is melting. Sweat is never a girl’s best friend when it comes to her makeup so keep things dry with oil-blotting sheets. Lightly dab across your face to pick up oil and debris left behind by sweat and dewiness. Want to keep your makeup in tact? Consider packing a fashionable hand fan for smoggy days.

5) Sunglasses – Protect your eyes from the sun’s glare at noon. Pack a pair of stylish yet versatile shades into your handbag. It’s summertime so have a little fun by wearing bright-colored sunglasses and unconventional shapes.

6) Lip Gloss – Lay off the heavy lip sticks this summer unless you’re attending a formal event or going on a date. Lip gloss gives you just the right amount of shine and color that you’ll need to feel glamourous. It will also keep your lips moisturized longer and is quick and easy to reapply. Soft pinks, peaches, and nudes are the best glosses for summer — they’ll give you an au natural look.

7) Hand Cream with SPF – Don’t just toss any cheap lotion tube in your handbag. You’ll be in the sun a lot and the most important thing you need to protect yourself from is UV rays. Make sure you bring along a hand or face lotion that contains SPF. Dab it on your skin or wear under your makeup to protect yourself from sunburning.

8) Body Spray – Perspiration can erode the deodorant you put on in the morning, leaving you a little…well, funky by the end of the day. Freshen up with a light body spray that won’t overwhelm the nostrils around you. The best places to apply your fragrance is to your wrists, neck and chest — these areas emit enough body heat to allow the scent to drift naturally across your skin.

9) Hair Comb – After work, break away from those rigid buns and ponytails by wearing your hair down. Keep things tame with a wide-tooth comb that won’t snag or tangle curls.

10) Hoop Earrings – Have an unexpected event that you need to get glammed up for in a few minutes? Hoop earrings with a little bling add instant glam to a pulled back and polished hair style. They are a great way to update your look in a matter of seconds!

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