10 Rules for Natural Hair

Guest Blog by AfroBlush

“Generally you have to listen to your hair, because we all have different hair types and they all react differently.  A lot of it is trial and error; you have to do what works for you and your hair. Here are my top 10 natural hair rules. Enjoy!”

  1. Comb your hair only when it is wet and full of conditioner
  2. Always wear a satin/silk sleeping hat/scarf when going to sleep, or sleep on a satin or silk pillow
  3. Deep condition at least once a week unless your hair is in extensions/weaves
  4. AVOID HEAT WHEREVER POSSIBLE – i.e. avoid blow-drying and hot-comb and all that stuff.  Not good for our hair.  Some people use occasionally (like once or twice a year) – I haven’t so far
  5. Using protective styling is essential!! (e.g. two strand twists, coils, cornrows, or  occasional weaves and extensions).  Don’t go for too many days without a protective style in your hair, especially in winter
  6. If you are not wearing extensions or weaves, I think you should wash your hair least every 7-10 days to hydrate your hair, cleanse your scalp and to avoid product build-up. My personal opinion.
  7. When combing your hair, use a wide tooth comb only (preferably a “seamless one”.  Some people use “denman brushes”.  I DON’T!
  8. When combing, start at the ends and comb gently working your way to the roots – never start combing straight from the roots!!
  9. Only wash your scalp, never wash the hair itself, the hair will be cleansed in the process.
  10. After wash/conditioning gently blot your hair dry with a very soft towel or paper towels.  Never rub your hair dry.  Blot, and then add some leave-in, then air dry. If you find your pressed for time, pencil this in a ‘night before’ activity.

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