10 Different Ways To Practice Self Care And Lift Up Your Spirits

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Self-care is exactly what it sounds—loving one’s self. It pertains to the ways by which you love yourself that are often seen through the things you do for your own physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Practicing self-love is an action-oriented behavior that requires conscious effort.

For most people, self-love can seem like a privilege, a selfish act or even a burden. After all, some forms of self-love require taking time off from things that other people would consider a priority, like doing house chores or hitting work deadlines. But in reality, self-love can be simple. It does not have to be grand or expensive for it to be real. You can practice self-love through things as plain as watching your favorite show, pampering yourself at the spa, or dancing to your favorite tunes in your bedroom.

Here are some other things you can try if you are working on loving yourself more.

1. Find a New Hobby

One of the best ways to show self-love is to find something that really interests you! It does not have to be something big or something that you are great at. As long as you find them enjoyable and fun, having personal hobbies can make a positive difference in your life.

Gardening, painting, and exercising are just some of the things you might want to try. These are activities you can easily incorporate into your day and will not take too much of your time. After all, your hobbies should make you feel relaxed rather than exhausted.

2. Develop a Positive Body Image

Feeling good about yourself is an important part of self-love. A lot of your inhibitions and self-doubt comes from lack of self-confidence and having a negative body image. That is why it is essential to work towards building a positive view of yourself. Wear that dress you have been eyeing for a long time. Try on that lipstick shade even if you think it is too bright. Go for that hairstyle you’ve always wanted. It does not matter what others say. As long as it makes you happy, confident, and comfortable, you are definitely making the right choice. 

You can start by realigning your perspective of what fashion should be for you. Shopping for leggings, tops, women’s loungewear, and outerwear that flatter your body shape, no matter what your body type may be, is a great way to realize that societal expectations shouldn’t get in the way of you achieving comfort and style.

3. Get More Sleep

Nowadays, people are so addicted to ‘grind culture’ that they think being productive means not getting enough hours of sleep. Some people would even carry a sleepless night like a badge of honor that shows just how workaholic they are. But that is not at all true! Sleep is an important part of one’s physical and mental health. After a day of hustling and grinding, your body and mind need to recharge and recuperate. And what better way to do this than getting a full night’s sleep?

If you want to practice self-love, then you have to let go of this unhealthy mindset. Self-love means taking care of yourself, and you could start by getting enough sleep. By paying attention to your sleeping habits, you could be more productive while feeling more rested.

4. Eat Right

Practicing self-love also means taking good care of your health, and eating right is a big part of it. If you eat right, you will have more energy throughout the day. You will feel invigorated and will have a more positive outlook towards things. When you eat right, you feel happy because your body releases the so-called ‘feel good’ hormone known as endorphin. Endorphins contribute a lot to your overall sense of well-being after eating.

Eating right, however, does not mean restricting yourself from eating food you want to eat. It means paying more attention to what you eat, making better food choices, and listening to what your body needs.

5. Embrace Your Flaws

As overused a saying as it is, indeed, nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws, so self-love means loving not just the good parts of yourself, but also the bad and the ugly. After all, your flaws are a part of who you are, and as you work towards loving yourself more, you have to be able to accept your imperfections.

6. Do Not Self-Sabotage

In the journey toward self-love, there is no place for self-sabotage. You have to build your self-confidence and have the mindset that you can conquer anything. You have to believe in yourself even when others do not. After all, self-love means rooting for yourself more than anyone else. It means forgiving yourself for the mistakes that you make. And above all, it means being your self’s number one supporter. Quit thinking that you are not good enough for anything. Just believe in what you want to achieve, and put your mind and heart into it.

7. Engage in Positive Self-Talk

A big part of practicing self-love is taking control of your self-talk. Self-talk is the inner dialogues you have  with yourself. It reveals your moods, beliefs, and thoughts, and it is something you do subconsciously. One difficult thing about self-talk is that it can either be negative or positive. On bad days, you might catch yourself having an overwhelmingly negative self-talk—full of doubt, hate, and pity for yourself. But the good thing is that you can train yourself in terms of how to go about your self-talk.

It is important to engage in positive self-talk as much as you can. Affirm yourself. Be your own cheerleader. You might try asking yourself things like “What good did I do today?” or “What compliment did I receive today?” or “What are the things I like about myself?” This way, you are encouraging yourself to have a better outlook in life and also to be kinder to yourself.

8. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

It might be cliché, but you have to stop comparing yourself to other people. Everyone has a different timeline. Everyone runs a different track. Stop looking at everyone else and just focus on your own journey. Do not compete with others because at the end of the day, self-love entails being proud of your progress, no matter how small it is.

9. Pay Attention to your Emotional State

You cannot expect yourself to be in the perfect state all the time. No one is. Just like everyone else, you will also have bad days, or days when you are not feeling like yourself. And it is completely okay. What matters is that you recognize your current emotional state so you can learn how to handle it and accept it as it is.

10. Know Your Worth

Loving yourself means knowing what you deserve and never settling for anything less than that. It means upholding high standards for yourself without feeling guilty. When you know your worth, people will not take you for granted. They will stop looking down on you, and you can walk with your head held high. Having self-love is having self-worth.

Self-love is both a journey and a destination. It is a never-ending process of making yourself a priority, accepting your flaws, and learning to forgive yourself. Practicing self-love might be a little hard at first, especially when you are used to giving yourself to others. But the fact remains that you cannot pour from an empty cup. You have to work on loving yourself more each day. When you do this, your self-love will radiate enough for others to see.

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