6 Workplace Must-Haves That Should Always Be At Your Desk

We spend the majority of our waking hours at our office. So, it makes sense to have a few items at your cubicle or desk that will help you stay productive and happy. Here’s our top picks!

1. A work sweater

Sometimes, or should we say most times, offices just can’t get the temperature right. A powerful AC can feel great after walking in the summer heat, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. An office sweater can always come in handy. Instead of complaining about the cold to yourself or your office mate, you can simply put on your sweater and immediately become comfortable.

Tip: Make sure to have a sweater that is simple and professional. Avoid slogans or anything you may have to explain.

2. A simple, small grooming kit

The weather doesn’t always cooperate with you, and it is important to look put together at your office, especially if you work with clients face-to-face. You can put together a small and simple grooming kit that will help you always have that professional look. You can even look for travel amenities to save space and save some money with a Walmart coupon code.

Tip: Men may just need a comb and a small shoe-cleaning brush. Women may need some more items, but also take into account what you already carry in your purse on a daily basis.

3. Just a few snacks

Bringing your own snacks to the office will keep you away from that sugary vending machine, and you will be able to eat immediately with no wait or disappointment that something is not in stock. You can even pack your snacks in small plastic containers to stash in your desk drawers and keep fresh.

Tips: Protein bars are a great snack to bring and easy to put in your drawers. Other foods that give you energy, as well as calm your mind, are honey, fruit, almonds, and dark chocolate.

4. A piece of fancy clothing or accessory

A lot of offices have casual Fridays, which means jeans and a business-professional top, but what if the top honcho decides to stop in to just say “hi.” You always want to make a good impression, so make sure you are prepared with an item that can dress up your casual look.

Tip: Men may want to keep a tie and sports jacket on hand, while women may want to keep a spare pair of black heels and a blazer to dress up their outfit.

5. A good book or an e-reader

There are always slow periods at the office. Instead of hopping on your phone or playing solitaire on the computer, keep a good, professional book at the office. Sometimes for stressful days, a good 15-minute read is a great way to calm your mind and get everything in order.

Tip: There may even be a classic book about your company or one written by your CEO or boss. It is never a bad idea to consider adding this to your desk to show your commitment to your company.

6. A phone charger

A dead phone is not only frustrating but always inconvenient. Sometimes all your contacts, emails, and other useful materials are on your device. A spare cell phone charger is a great way to avoid this problem. Then you can also leave the office each day with a full charge.

Tip: Make sure you have an AC outlet to charge your phone as well as your phone cord. Some computers will allow you to plug in and charge your phone, but not all.

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