How To Ensure You Step Out Looking Stylish This Winter

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Winter can be quite a challenging season when it comes to fashion. You are practically torn between adorning weather appropriate clothes or wearing figure-flattering outfits. The primary focus for dressing during winter is to keep warm and keep colds and flu at bay. However, simple planning and creativity can go a long way in keeping you warm without sacrificing your style.

Winter can be an interesting time to pair different pieces and create an impeccable look. Fashion brands design fabulous outfits that are winter-specific and equally elegant. Below are some few key pointers to assist you in dressing phenomenally during the winter.

Layering Is The Way To Go                     

Dressing in layers can let you enjoy the cold weather and be more outdoors. The key to layering is to get thinner pieces that offer maximum warmth. When layering, make sure the top isn’t too bulky as compared to the bottom to create a more flattering look. Layering will allow you the freedom to mix and match colours and patterns. Feel free to play with varying lengths to flatter the body. Layering will afford you a warm and chic look to enjoy a night out, a visit to the museum or just a lazy stroll to the park. 

White Is For The Winter

Winter weather is characterized by cold and gloomy days but your fashion shouldn’t follow suit. Statement coats or jackets that are white can quickly brighten a look. A white luxury parka is a fine example of a fashionable piece that will make you feel great and stand out from the crowd. Make sure to pair the white coats with other darker and solid pieces to make an amazing contrast. Athleisure clothes are in fashion such as the puff coats and sweatpants. These go hand in hand with a pair of sneakers and a shoulder bag to store your belongings.

Cover Your Head

Winter is the perfect opportunity to hop onto the hats and berets trend. Surveys show that you lose approximately 40-50% of your body heat through your head so it’s paramount to always keep your head warm. It’s important to invest in a good hat that will flatter both your body and facial structure. A wide brim hat goes well with dresses and skirts while a beret would suit a good pair of jeans, ankle boots and a leather jacket. For a laid back look, a sporty hat with jeans and a jacket will look super cool for winter.

The Statement Scarf

Scarves are a must for the winter season. Scarves will elevate a basic outfit to a sophisticated look. There are a huge variety of scarves in the market for every body type. A cashmere scarf, for instance, is dressy while a knit scarf would do well with jeans. Bright and colourful scarves will add value to a rather dark and boring look. Statement scarves can be oversized or regular-sized but it’s essential to have a variety of textures and colors. 

Winter Is For Boots Too

Winter is the time to let the sandals, sneakers and slippers go. A good pair of sturdy boots are great for winter to provide one with the needed warmth and style. Streets filled with snow and slush makes it practically hard to manoeuvre in regular shoes. Moreover, boots are low maintenance during winter as compared to other shoes that may be destroyed by water. Ankle boots go spectacular with dresses or low rider jeans. The beauty of boots is that you can add your style to them such as adding suede finishing or faux animal embossing.

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