Will and Jada Smith Stay Strong

Nowadays, relationships and marriages (especially among the celebrities) are beginning to lose their merit. In fact, the epidemic of fallen marital allegiances and separating partners is spreading quickly enough that the media is embracing the idea, and fabricating the next couple’s closure.

Personally, I was devastated to hear that Will and Jada Smith were separating. In my eyes, the two are the epitome of a handsome, African-American couple who not only carry out sophisticated and entertaining performances in their line of profession, but also demonstrate what it means to be in a successful marriage (kudos to the fact that they have been married for a good 15 years).

Luckily that information was only based on fabricated rumors. According to Us Weekly, Jada kept it real in an interview with Gala about the rumor of she and her hubby calling for a divorce, and denied all of that nonsense.

“That’s ridiculous. These rumors are completely untrue,” said Ms. Pinkett-Smith. “Will and I know the truth.”

It’s definitely a breathe of fresh air to know that there’s hope for matrimony and lasting commitments.

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