5 Great Reasons To Get Into Dance Next Year

a black woman dancing and holding flowers

A lot of us have been looking at how we’ve been living our lives, not only in the locked-down year that 2020 has been, but previously, as well. Simply put, a lot of people are realizing they’re not taking enough time to smell the roses and to do the things they enjoy. Perhaps you’ve always had a love of dance you’ve wanted to explore more thoroughly, or perhaps you’re just looking for something new to do. Either way, there are plenty of reasons to get into it.

It’s a fantastic exercise

First of all, a lot of us will be looking to lose those lockdown pounds that we have been putting on over the past few months. To that end, dance is one of the best exercises for women. It’s great cardio, but it requires a lot of balance and range of mobility that make it great for building strength, as well. It’s a dynamic full-body exercise that’s comprehensively good for your health.

Fantastic for mental health

Your health isn’t all about how fit you are, either. Your mind matters just as much as your body. Exercise, in general, can help improve your mental health. However, dancing is an art form and a discipline that takes time to learn, meaning that as you improve your coordination and nail more moves, you’re going to increase your sense of confidence. When you become competent at something new, it reinforces in your mind that you are a competent individual, in general.

A great way to meet people

Unless you’re doing a solo ballet recital, most people do not dance alone. As such, getting into a new dance, especially one like Argentine tango, usually involves meeting new people. Joining a club or finding an event like a milonga near you can be a great opportunity to broaden your social circle. Aside from making new friends, it could even be a great way to kindle a new relationship.

A creative exposure to new cultures

Dance isn’t like most other forms of exercise. It has a much deeper sense of cultural connection and heritage that can make it quite illuminating. Just like tango can connect you more closely to the Latin world, jazz dancing can connect you back to the history of our country, while ballet can help you feel like you’re exploring European high art with your own body.

You get to strut your stuff

While dancing is just a great when you’re doing it alone in a room with a partner, there’s no denying that there is a thrill that comes with the performative aspect of it as well. If you like your chance to shine in the spotlight, then breaking out some seriously impressive moves at a wedding or other public events is going to be just what you need.

Hopefully, the above reasons should make it clear that dancing is for more than the occasional special event. Make it a part of your everyday life to explore the benefits for yourself.

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