Why You Need to Burn Your Old Friend’s T-Shirt (And Whatever Else She Gave You)

Have you ever had someone who you thought was a close friend stab you in the back? Whether it’s stealing the affections of a man you had a crush on first or sharing secrets you trusted her with, nothing hurts like a best friend who has deceived or scorned you. After all, how can your relationship move forward with broken trust and lack of respect for the other person’s feelings? While the pain of a broken friendship is not easy to quickly forget, there are some actions you can take to help put that relationship where it belongs. In the past.

Memories of time spent together are not only in your mind but likely in several possessions you keep around your room and home. Think about it, the next time you walk into someone’s home take a moment to look at the way it is decorated. Chances are as you look around you’ll notice most home décor is made up of objects. You’ll also note that the older the house the more meaningful the stories are behind each item, they serve as reminders of events, people, places and most importantly memories.

Personal items from your friend whether those are clothes, gifts or photos are small mementos of that person’s place and influence in your life. As long as you’re friends, those little reminders around your home are beautiful indicators of the connection you have. Once you aren’t friends those keepsakes are just reminders of what was lost.

While looking into the past can help you make better choices in the future, constant reminders of what was lost in the past can keep you from becoming the best version of yourself. Once your relationship has ended keeping the other persons possessions is toxic. You’ll be hurting yourself by waking up to those painful reminders that your relationship is over. So what can you do to move forward? Gather all of the possessions your friend left behind and anything else that reminds you of them and get rid of it. Whether your method involves burning, a donation, or simply taking out the trash, taking physical action will help you being the healing process.

If you hold onto those negative feels and become shut down by the wrongs that happened to you in the past, you’ll remain closed down to new possibilities. Life doesn’t end when a relationship does, and when someone breaks your trust it’s hard to become venerable with someone else again. While getting rid of possessions is just one step forward, your other goals will be to create some distance between others who knew both of you. Hide them from your newsfeed on Facebook or remove them from any other social networks your frequent. Always remember that you are an incredible person and just because one person did not recognize that doesn’t mean that you should give up on humanity.

What do you need to get rid of from an old friend to help you move forward?

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