Eternal Gaming Wars: PCs Trample Consoles

PC or console – the gaming debate never ceases to end (although PCs overwhelmingly come out on top). There is a multitude of reasons to opt for a PC, especially one you build yourself.


Most gamers expect dedicated gaming PCS to cost upwards of $1,000. Although prices can reach those numbers if you splurge (on a lot), you can also build your own gaming computer for a price of a console ($400) or even half of that. A used office desktop paired with a compatible GPU (video card) can give you console-like performance for less than $200.

Of course, buying new is still the best option. For the same price of a Playstation 5 (predicted at $500), you can assemble and build a PC with much better specs. A 1080 monitor will also cost you less than $100. An HDTV of the same size and specs will cost upwards of $200. PC games can cost a bit less, especially digital games that you purchase on Steam. Most consoles also require a monthly membership fee to access their multiplayer networks – something that is unheard of in PC gaming circles.


If you buy a console, that’s it. It leaves you no option to switch parts or upgrade, and you’re forced to get the next generation console when it gets released (usually 5-7 years). You can spend money to buy peripherals and such, but they won’t be as game-changing as peripherals on a PC.

With a PC, you can just switch or add components to make it faster and better. PCs also have the freedom and versatility that consoles don’t. You can start at 60 FPS and upgrade your rig to get over 100 FPS once you get the money. You can also opt for multiple displays if you want a more realistic feel and a broader field of vision. While consoles have an option for dual displays, they are mostly limited to mirroring and not actual multi-screen.

Load Times

Most proponents of consoles point to load times as one of the advantages of consoles over PCS. However, the advent of SSDs (solid-state drives) has made PC loading times a lot quicker, loading in half the time it takes a console to launch graphic-extensive games like Destiny 2 or Skyrim.


The advent of Steam was a game changer in PC gaming. Steam is both a platform for multiplayer games as well as a store to buy digital copies. Its seasonal sales often drive prices to as low as 10 percent of the original cost, encompassing new and old games. The number of games is overwhelming as Steam provides you with a multitude of games, even ones from the early 80s. The modding community is also thriving in Steam, so expect rule 34 to be a thing.

If you’re a serious gamer, the rigidity of console gaming will box you in. Explore how far your gaming desires can take you by opting for a gaming PC and building on it as you go.

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