Who I Am: How Education Can Help You With Finding Yourself

How education can help with finding yourself

Everyone will tell you that being yourself is very important, but before being yourself, one needs to find himself, embrace himself, and truly know who he is. The road to self-discovery is a bumpy one, with ups and downs that reveal our true nature, but it is a remarkable journey that everyone should enjoy. We model ourselves by those who we admire, we emulate great people or our parents and teacher who influenced us throughout our existence. Despite all these important people who guide us through life, education still remains a great force that shapes our character. It starts with kindergarten and it ends up with life on a university campus, and it is one of the most incredible adventures that you will experience.

The Eternal Question

It starts with philosophy or sociology classes that open our eyes to topics or questions that we didn’t care about before, like who I am and the nature of one’s self in general. Reading some free essays on who am I or similar topics can make you more interested in self-discovery while unlocking the mysteries of one’s mind and soul. After these, one usually becomes interested in books written by famous philosophers of our age who discussed ethics and ego, or meditation practices that help people dig deep into their core. All this inspirational journey doesn’t even have anything to do with your majors. Choosing your career path is a whole different story that you need to focus on because it will play a big part in shaping you as a person.

We change throughout our lives, so that is a fact we need to accept and embrace. You are not the same person you used to be ten years ago so, in another ten years, you will be someone else. It is a scary revelation, knowing how one’s self isn’t solid or eternal as we like to imagine it. This is why we try so hard to shape our character or remain consistent in our beliefs, thoughts, and feeling toward others. The process of self-discovery becomes evident when a student starts asking himself questions that he never asked before, usually inspired by his professors or teachers.

Choosing The Right Path

Picking the right faculty can have serious implications on forming your character, as much as it can influence your professional career. Choose carefully, and choose what you love and are passionate about so that you can continue that self-discovery process through your everyday work. Also, allow yourself to be inspired by this I believe examples of essays or similar ways of expressing one’s thoughts, beliefs, or feelings. By being honest to himself like those who wrote free essays this I believe stories, one allows himself to grow as a person, both professionally and in his personal life. Taking time for these valuable personal insights can do wonders for one’s career or relationships with other people.

Your days at university are a great time for learning how to find yourself in so many different ways. One will achieve this through classes that inspire him, teachers that motivate him, or great people that one will meet and make long-lasting friendships with. Becoming an exchange student is a unique way of getting a better outlook on life, soaking up different cultures, and let it shape you into a better person. This is how education should help eager young minds connect with others while discovering who they truly are. It should join us together and help us explore our consciousness through mutual studies, seminars, or workshops.

Capturing one’s self is a beautiful thing because it is so elusive, but once you catch it, it is a beautiful moment of self-discovery. Do not be afraid to take this journey and find out who you really are. Know that classical education is essential but knowing yourself is even more important. Embrace every experience that your college or university can give you. Explore life, explore yourself and enjoy the journey.

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